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  1. Comment By - Ashwini prashant Mara Date - 13 Mar 2014 Time - 6:26AM
  2. Please Can some one upload real idol of kedarnath

  3. Comment By - Ashwini prashant Mara Date - 13 Mar 2014 Time - 6:25AM
  4. i too have been to kedarnath when i was just nine years .... heart feels divine when we see him ... in temple...As the landslide took place in 2013.. May lord shiva give peace to those who lost lives and to their families

  5. Comment By - kainen unser Date - 14 Jun 2011 Time - 10:02PM
  6. These place very important for hindu as god shiv is blessing here. The jyotirlinga(the phallus of light) in this temple is one of the twelve jyotirlingasthroughout India, which makes Kedarnath one of the most sacred Hindu cities.

  7. Comment By - Kurri Pakira Reddy Date - 03 Feb 2011 Time - 6:35AM
  8. One of the holy places to visit in one`s life. I always had a dream of visiting and it happened a few years ago with my wife as I could not go because of disabilty to brain haemorrhage on March 5 in 1999. I cannot explain my feeling of joy approaching this sacred place, perfect weather in May, no rain and slept there one night.It was cold but pleasant to get Chapati & hot potato curry for breakfast. I would recommond any body any age. Lord Mahadeva will take care of us all!

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