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HR And CE- Rogue Department Of The Government Of Tamil Nadu
By T R Ramesh, July 2011 [[email protected]]

Chapter :

What Hindus should do

Hindus should question any attempt  to takeover temples in their respective areas by HR & CE Department. They  should remember that HR & CE officials have no right to takeover temples  that are run by devoted trustees. HR & CE Dept. is only a supervisory department  even for temples under its administration, and cannot decide matters pertaining  to rituals and religion.

Devotees should ask HR & CE  Dept. pertinent questions regarding the temple properties, the income realized,  in whose presence Hundies are opened, what are the procedures followed in  making and distribution of prasadams, salary arrears of temple employees,  income arrears for the properties, why Executive Officer was appointed for each  temple, for what period the appointment has been made, order copies of the  appointments, arrears of income pending from temple properties, action taken by  the Executive Officer, the festivals celebrated in the temple regularly 25  years ago, festivals celebrated now, vehicles bought for the temple, who uses  the vehicles and for what purposes, etc. under the Right to Information Act.

Hindus should remember that it is  not the duty of a secular government to manage the affairs of Hindu Temples or  institutions. They should also remember that the same Government keeps away  from mosques and churches.

Hindus should join together and  petition the Government and the Courts to bring back outside agencies to audit  the HR & CE Dept.

Hindus should take legal action  against the Government to restore the temples back to the Trustees or to  appropriate Hindu associations.

The author is a banking professional and research scholar on Hindu  religious affairs

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Chapter :

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