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Vedas And Upanishads

Mandukya Upanishad-PDF
By T.N.Sethumadhavan, May 2012 []

Chapter :

To read parts one to four of Mandukya Upanishad in PDF format Click here

Chapter :

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  1. Comment By - Sethu Madhavan Date - 20 May 2012 Time - 6:02AM
  2. Thanks for the comments. Kindly have a look at my essays on the other Upanishads also available in this website- Sethumadhavan

  3. Comment By - bharadwaja Nil krishnamurthy Date - 19 May 2012 Time - 11:08PM
  4. very essence of the upanishad brought out very clearly along with the Advaitha phlosophy thaks keep sending these essays

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