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Vedas And Upanishads

Mandukya Upanishad-PDF
By T.N.Sethumadhavan, May 2012 []

Chapter :

To read parts one to four of Mandukya Upanishad in PDF format Click here

Chapter :

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[3] Comment(s) Posted
  1. Comment By - Hari Bala Date - 14 May 2015 Time - 1:35AM
  2. Extremely wrong commentary and interpretation of Mandukya upanishad. The opening line itself is wrong. How can the bracelet can be an illusion when the gold is real. gold is transformed into gold and hence both are real. why we have to follow the horrible interpretation of mayavada guys by jettisoning common sense?

  3. Comment By - Sethu Madhavan Date - 20 May 2012 Time - 6:02AM
  4. Thanks for the comments. Kindly have a look at my essays on the other Upanishads also available in this website- Sethumadhavan

  5. Comment By - bharadwaja Nil krishnamurthy Date - 19 May 2012 Time - 11:08PM
  6. very essence of the upanishad brought out very clearly along with the Advaitha phlosophy thaks keep sending these essays

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