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Great Indian Leaders

Pandit Madan Mohan Malaviya
By Sanjeev Nayyar, December 2014 [[email protected]]

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The NDA government  recently conferred the Bharat Ratna award on Panditji. Based on  various media reports here is brief compilation on why we should  remember Pandit Madan Mohan Malaviyaji.

1. Credited with popularizing the slogan Satyameva Jayate.
2. Founded Banaras Hindu University (or Kashi  Hindu Vishvidyalaya)  in 1916. BHU  marked fulfillment of Malaviya’s desire to create an institution  that blends ancient Indian traditions with modern education. You  have to visit BHU to realize what a visionary Panditji was. FYI the  Nizam of Hyderabad too contributed to the making of BHU.
3. He championed the cause of Untouchables entering temples.
4. Fought for use Devagari script in court papers though the language  used to Urdu. Till then notifications were in English.
5. Chairman of Hindustan Times from 1921 to 1946.
6. He  was four times the President of the Indian National Congress– 1909,  1918, 1930 and, 1932.
7. Was President of the Hindu Mahasabha.

Malaviya  was popularly known as Mahamana,  a title that most probably Rabindranath  Tagore and Mahatma  Gandhi came up with.

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Image of Pandit M M Malviyaji outside entrance to Banaras Hindu University

Chapter :

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