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What Hindus Need To Know

Why Hindus Lag Behind In Kerala
By Dr C I Issac, June 2006

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A powerful field that can control society is education. At present, the education sector in Kerala is under the control of minorities, who are politically influential and economically sound through the remittances made by Non-Resident Keralites (NRKs).

While minorities run 3340 schools in the state, the entire Hindu jatis are in possession of just 194 schools. Muslim and Christian communities manage 223 arts and science colleges whereas all Hindu jatis together manage only 42 colleges (vide ‘Matrubhumi’ daily, September 28, 2002). Out of the 433 professional colleges, only 86 are government-owned, 89 are Hindu-managed while 258 are managed by the minorities (G.K. Suresh Babu, ‘Kesari Annual, 2004).

Though all minorities are permitted to impart religious education in their institutions, this right is denied to Hindu institutions. Moreover, Hindu students in minority institutions are forced to study moral science, which infuse anti-Hindu sentiments in them. This is the best known Kerala model of secularist-democratic paradigm.

Why does it happen so? No doubt, the reason is that Hindus are economically and politically a marginalized group in Kerala. If the lessons in history of ancient civilizations were destroyed by Semitic religions’ invasion, the situation is not very different for Hindus in Kerala. A major share of the state exchequer is spent on education. The last 48 years reveal that only one Hindu minister handled the portfolio of education and that, too for a period of four years and three months. Otherwise, for the rest of the period, this portfolio has been handled by ministers belonging to only minority communities.

The minority ministers, who managed the portfolio of education, helped only the minority community managements in an out-of the way manner. Lending a helping hand to minority institutions was similar for both, the Right and the Left coalitions. Both coalitions still follow minority appeasement as their de facto policy. This will result in an alarming situation.

Of the state’s 199,000 schoolteachers, the Hindu share (inclusive of SCs/STs) is just 38 percent. According to the 1997 statistics, Kerala had 14200 college teachers of whom 76 percent belonged to minority communities (G. K. Suresh Babu). All these statistics show of an unorganized, demographically ever-shrinking Hindu community of Kerala.

In health care also, the minorities have an upper hand. The Hindu community owns just ten hospitals against 928 belonging to the minorities (‘Matrubhumi’).

Similarly, the Hindu share in the industry, agriculture and commerce is 28, 24 and 28 percent, respectively. At the same time, the Muslim share is 30, 23 and 40 percent and Christian share is 35, 40 and 36 percent, respectively (‘Matrubhumi’). I think, like the Hindus of Kerala, no other community in the world is marginalized as much. In several sectors, Hindus lag behind but in the case of suicides, they are leaders. Kerala’s suicidal rate is above the national average; it is 30.5 for every one lakh population. A recent NGO study reveals that 92 percent suicides were committed by Hindus. 6.5 percent by Christians and 1.5 percent by Muslims. Insolvency is the main reason for the mass suicides in Kerala.

The Kerala government’s allotment of new self-financing professional colleges has come as a rude shock to the marginalized Hindus of Kerala. Due to the economic backwardness of the Hindus, it is difficult to compete with the minority communities for starting professional colleges. The result will be that those socially and economically backwards in the Hindu society will be kicked out of competition. In medical education field alone, the Hindus will lose 250 seats every year. The Hindus coming in the purview of reservation will lose 3800 engineering seats and 100 MBBS seats every year. After two decades, in the SC/ST section alone, there will be a shortage of 74000 engineers and 2000 doctors at the present rate.

Education and economic progress are closely linked with Kerala life. Therefore, any imbalance arising in the educational field will be reflected a hundred times in the economic scenario. In the near future, because of educational backwardness alone, Hindus will be forced to live on the periphery of society.

In the democratic process, votes are decisive factors. No doubt, the numerically ever-shrinking Hindus will lose relevance in the political structure of Kerala in the near future. Since Independence, for every decade, the Hindu population in Kerala has been falling at the rate of more than 1 percent. If this trend continues, within three decades, Hindus will lose their majority statues in the state. At present, technically the Hindus are the majority community. But the minority religious groups have a clear sway over the political, economic and educational fields of Kerala. It is no wonder that Hindus of Kerala, who are destined to be minority in the near future, will be thrown out of all fields of socio-economic activities. This will be a great tragedy for Hindus.

In 1947, Muslims in India were a minority community. They were 24 percent. But even that marginal strength of the Muslims led to the division of India. Today, Nagaland and Mizoram have turned into Christian-majority states. In these states, discontent and insurgency, along with divisive tendencies, have surfaced. To a large section of the Christian brethren, the Hindus have become an indigestive element in the northeast. If so, what will be the history of Kerala after three decades?

(By Dr C.I. Issac, Head of the PG Department of History, CMS College, Kottayam, Kerala.)

Chapter :

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  1. Comment By - S SRINIVASAN Date - 27 Mar 2015 Time - 12:10AM
  2. every christian are preaching their christinity to INNOCENT HINDUS WHO ARE ALL DECESCENDANT OF DHARMA inorder to convert them into christianity but why dont they ready tell that jesus christ was lived as hindu saint in the name of ISHU in NEPAL .Not only this who recieved all power from mummoorthy(LORD VISHNU,SIVA,BRAHMMA)THEN PREACHED his theories against hindu dharma thats why he was crucified in frame this is what fundamental reason for convertion of hinduism to christianity.jesus christ stole mantra OM later he converted into OMEN,as he was crucified by hindu god started to preach all his cults against hinduism e.g christians are not allowed to wear tilak.If they have religious tolerance toward all religion why they are spreading dislike statements against hindus.before you breach should have all deserve.

  3. Comment By - Jyn v jyn v Date - 09 Sep 2014 Time - 1:50PM
  4. To Raja Madhav, Just because the said persons,that you mentioned in your post,acknowledged some of those philosophies does not mean that they have given up their Foundational beliefs altogether and have embraced Hinduistic ideologies exclusively.Its like saying that Gandhiji accepted Christianity as his religion just because he showed his other cheek when his oppressors struck his one cheek and also because he practised Non-violence which are some of the Fundemental doctrines taught in Christianity.Einstein was not specific with his beliefs and he was neither a Christian nor a Hindu or any other particularly.He was an Agnostic who appreciated different doctrines and philosophies of different religions. Now,coming to your point of `True` Christians,well,there are no such true staunch followers (espesially among the intellectual milieu except barring a few) in any religion since man`s reasoning horizon got broadened or went further by the passing of time and also because of the uncertainties of life and the situational conditions present that surrounds and chokes his existing beliefs.One prime reason being the contrasting nature of Science against Religion which compels him to doubt his beliefs and makes him difficult to stick on to one particular doctrine or a set of doctrines or philosophies pertaining to a single religion.Some went even further by disbelieving the existence of God due to excessive,unwanted reasoning and ended up becoming Atheists.There are many Scientists who are Christians by their lives; Sir Isaac newton,Nicholas copernicus,Sir Aleander fleming,Fr.Gregor johann mendel,Galileo galilei,Blaise pascal,Rene descartes,William harvey,William thomson kelvin,Sir Robert boyle,Benjamin franklin,Alessandro volta,Nikola tesla,Max planck,Michael faraday,James clerk maxwell,James watt,Johannes kepler,the Wright brothers(Wilbur & Orville wright),Bill gates etc.,naming only a few otherwise I can go on writing pages after pages as the list is endless. To be Honest,most of the Inventions & Discoveries were made by the Christians and Jews(who are those who follow Judaism) alike when compared to people belonginning to any other religion or in that matter,people belonginning to all the religions combined. Indeed,the Christians have ever contributed the most to the society at large than people belonginning to any other religion.Lets accept the Fact as it is and brush aside our inferiorities and Jealousy towards them.

  5. Comment By - Raja Madhav Date - 31 Mar 2014 Time - 12:38AM
  6. Johan Chittaukarayil Kurian - "Christians" invented all that? Seriously? Just because they have christian soundign names does not mean that they were truly christians! Most of the top scientists like Einstein, Oppenheimer believed in Hindu philosophies. In fact, most of the well read people in USA and other western countries don

  7. Comment By - Johan Chittaukarayil Kurian Date - 12 Dec 2013 Time - 4:49PM
  8. I happened to see comments stating that Christians are not good for community. As I need to tell all the luxuries that you have in your present life without which you cannot live ( I will name a few-mobiles, televisions, Computer and Internet, all kinds of vechicles like Planes, Cars, Trains, Medicines ects are inventions of Christians of the world) and everyone irrespective of Hindus, Muslims, Jews, Buddhists. Communists avail the luxury of these all around the world. Nobody have any issues in that. Reagrding the education impartin also the condition is the same. If you look at any of the top colleges in Kerala, India or world it is run and owned by Christians or Christia Missionaries. If you look any India Bureacrat-he would mostly be an alumini of a Christian Minority School? Why werent there any good schools that belonged to Hindu in Delhi or Bombay where it is the opposite of Kerala where all the major institutions are run by the Hind people. Why the hindu parents did not what them to send to Hindu management schools? I know many Muslim famalies who never what their children to learn in Muslim management schools? think why. No Christian Institutions in Kerala state to my knowledge insistes a student from another religion to come and practise our beliefs, except the school Logo and School prayer would be ours. And regardings the divide and rule policy-Let me ask you my Hindu friends-would a Nair family member irrespective of he or she is reach entertain a Ezhva or any other to indulge in his or her family matters till date - very rare to date. If you look the Kerala History from time in memorial-the earstwhile kings of Kerala started the divide and rule policy. If the people of upper cast poeple are seen -the lower cast people needs to move away from the road, need to show the breasts. Even though this doesnot prevail a distant version of caste system still prevails in the community still in a very strong manner. So you all need to unite first. Christians in Kerala were converts from hinds as per the history. But why christians are respected by all communities in the society by all communities. think. We gained whatever we are today. You can not buy respect but gain it. We have gained it. If you look at the news paper on a daily basis the number of Christians caught for fraud would be 1% comparing to 50% muslims and a 49% Hindus. So think again and again. We Christians are here not to hurt anyone. Hope this will help you all get some light into what we are , you are and everyone are and start doing a postmortem as to what needs to be done if everyone needs to be livings in peace and Harmoney in the state of Kerala. Thankyou for being patient and reading the feedback.

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