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What Hindus Need To Know

Why Did The Ramakrishna Mission Say They Are Not Hindus
By Sanjeev Nayyar, August 2002 []

Way Forward       

Friends my recommendations on the subject are -

• Stage One is that Benefit of article 30 be extended to all communities.
• Stage Two is that the benefits of articles 26 to 30 be extended to those educational institutions that impart religious training only. No state aid or foreign funding must be allowed to such institutions.
• Opening of such institutions i.e. schools within 20 kms of the International border / LOC i.e. on the western side and 10 kms on the eastern side to be administered by the Army / BSF. Why are we making the armed forces get into education? It is a proactive military strategy.
• All institutions that provide secular read as modern education are subject to the same set of rules and regulations as the Central or State Governments may impose.

I would like to end with a quote from a recent Supreme Court Judgment in Mudgal vs. Union of India, A. 1995 S.C. 1531 (para 35) “Those who preferred to remain in India after Partition fully knew that the Indian leaders did not believe in the two nation or three nation theory and that in the Indian Republic there was to be only one Nation – the Indian Nation – and no community could claim to remain a separate entity on the basis of religion”.

Quote from Holy Geeta (IV.7/8) “Whenever there is Decline of righteousness, And rise of unrighteousness, I incarnate myself To protect the virtuous And to destroy the wicked, From Age to Age”.

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[6] Comment(s) Posted
  1. Comment By - Tarunendra Nath Banerjee Date - 03 May 2012 Time - 2:51AM
  2. Humanity and Humans - two faces of the coin inseparable. Ramkrishna Disciples and Hindus are similarly linked.

  3. Comment By - Abhik Das Date - 21 Mar 2011 Time - 8:54AM
  4. All everybody would say that present Ramakrishna Mission has somewhat deviated from the goal envisioned by great Swami Vivekananda.All this effort was for a tag of minority is to get the share of sanction of government meant for the later.

  5. Comment By - ritu gurtoo Date - 15 Aug 2010 Time - 12:33PM
  6. could you pls tell me the citation of calcutta high court judgment regarding ramakrishna case

  7. Comment By - ashwani gupta Date - 27 Apr 2009 Time - 1:13AM
  8. dear sanjeev, thx for replying to my post.i think probably you missed the thrust of my arguement regarding vivekananda.i`ll try to explain to the best of my far as i think vivekanada exhorted hindus to shun slumber and resort to vigorous life for reformation of it`s mind and body.if while facing the rigours of indian government(hell bent on abolishing hinduism)the followers of vivekananda resort to chicanery and renounce what they are seeing as a sinking ship,then surely vivekananda failed in instilling the spirit of dharmic behaviour(resisting opression)in his followers.of corse i did`nt say that he should have known the mindset of a future indian reasons for criticising the rkmission is for the simple reason that these monks live a very inactive and falsehood promoting(christianity) life.their interest in christianity was the main reason for declaring themselves as a minority.i`ll be happy to be crrected. thx ashwani

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