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  1. Comment By - Supriyo Roy Date - 04 Jun 2013 Time - 10:37AM
  2. Though I am born & brought up in North East, but I never been in Arunachal Pradesh. The beauty of Arunachal Pradesh impreshed me a lot. I must visit once soon.

  3. Comment By - Gurmeet Singh Toor Date - 11 Nov 2011 Time - 11:20PM
  4. I was raised in lekhabali.But at present i am in USA los angeles california.I love arunachal pardesh and missed a lot.

  5. Comment By - suraj sonar Date - 05 Aug 2010 Time - 4:14AM
  6. I think the natural beauti fo Arunachal is one of the best among all aver the India. i left tezu since 6 year, but still i always mis tezu ibn Nepal. Long live Arunachal Pradesh

  7. Comment By - suraj sonar Date - 05 Aug 2010 Time - 4:11AM
  8. this photos promote the beauty of AP in world wide. i pray long live Arunachal pradesh

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