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  1. Comment By - Ramachander Homma Ramanna Date - 27 Nov 2013 Time - 8:56AM
  2. I don`t know how to thank. Like the Puranas and Kathas of yore where the authors would weave a story within a story, here too more detailed pics of one main theme is interwoven for deeper understanding of the main picture.The stupendous pains and trouble the author has taken to bring these Pics and enlighten people who cannot afford to go to see them,is something which cannot be of-set by us except to thank him and Bless him for this invaluable service he is doing. I could never have gone to Rajasthan and even If I could I am afraid I could never have managed to spot these places. Once again a BIG THANKS to the author of this pictorial panoramic view.. May Bharat Mata Bless you with many,many years of service in HER domain. Ramachander

  3. Comment By - vinita agrawal Date - 23 Mar 2013 Time - 4:35AM
  4. Excellent pictures and narrations. You have brought this magical temple alive for all of us. And a brilliant stroke of luck to spot the white rat!

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