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  1. Comment By - aibel jacob baiju Date - 14 Sep 2016 Time - 12:54PM
  2. nice..

  3. Comment By - shivaramg Thrissur Date - 06 Feb 2014 Time - 11:42AM
  4. Shivaji Maharaj is unparalleled - inspite of his countless victories and glory he placed his entire kingdom at the feet of Swai Samrth Ramdas his Guru, and by his command continued to rule as his Guru;s Dasa(servant)- This ideal of the king ruling as a Trustee is unique to Hindu history. Kalidasa in the Raghuvamsam says that Lord Sree Rama placed his kingdom at the feet of sage Valmiki. It is a pity that Marxists have diluted the true history of India(Hindus) and do a passing mention of Shivaji and his glory in their revisionist texts.

  5. Comment By - Parthapratim Ray Date - 20 Feb 2012 Time - 9:47PM
  6. The pics are really very inspiring So of course is Shivaji.A picture of him would be more effective as that could be downloaded.The picture should be in every home for generating all the values associated with this great man. Parthapratim Ray

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