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  1. Comment By - seema burman Date - 02 Jun 2013 Time - 11:41PM
  2. Pls also describe if possible which raja ruled and what were his behaviour traits, anything special, pls tell what they did here during the day and evening. And who all lived with them, such a big house so family shld also be bigger and did they also have a temple in the palace?

  3. Comment By - Parthapratim Ray Date - 02 Jun 2013 Time - 12:52AM
  4. Dear Sanjeev, My heartfelt appreciation for the pics of the Umaid Bhavan Palace.U have used different lights.That`s very commendable.The architecture is praiseworthy but the Maharajas were not because they were all lackeys first of the Mughals and later of the British. Parthapratim Ray

  5. Comment By - Nandita Prasad Date - 30 May 2013 Time - 5:03AM
  6. marvellous photos 0f beautiful UMAID BHAVAN PALACE.....the last photo,its called BARADARI,its present in almost every city of RAJ.

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