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  1. Comment By - SHEREEN BEHARIE Date - 22 Sep 2009 Time - 12:36AM
  2. I have been to Vaishnudevi mandir twice and on both occasions this was my closest to god. the atmosphere and the other yatri`s was too good to us.Ever since I have achieved whatever i asked Mata and without a doubt would recomment anyone to come out here.My husband and sons have the same feeling as well.The 1st time i had to go by palki and the 2nd i had walked up and down.I felt as i was in heaven. thanks to all the people that keep the place pin neat and clean and to all on the shrine board as well. JAI MATA DI

  3. Comment By - SHEREEN BEHARIE Date - 21 Sep 2009 Time - 11:25PM
  4. I am Shereen Beharie from sunny South Africa.Vaishnu Devi was my best ever.I have been twice and will get there again and again.Mata guided my way to my good life and to my husband and children.I recommend anyone come to Mata and most powerful ever. Thank u to the wonderful people and the caretakers of the way through and the cleanliness outstanding. JAI MATA DI...

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