Bet Dwarka

By Sanjeev Nayyar [email protected] | 2003

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Bet Dwarka was the residence of Bhagwan Sri Krishna. To reach there today you need to take a ferry from Okha (about an hour s drive from Dwarka) to the island Bet. This picture shows you the jetty at Okha.

This is the jetty at Bet Dwarka. See the sea gulls. Today the island is 70 % Muslims the remaining being Hindu families who maintain the temple.

Entrance to the temple complex. Due to security reasons photography inside the temple is not allowed.

This is the sort of boat that ferried us from Okha to Bet Dwarka. Sea gulls galore.

Sea gulls again.

Sea Gulls surrounded our boat as we left Bet Dwarka because all of us were feeding them with grains.