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  1. Comment By - Ramachander Homma Ramanna Date - 27 Aug 2015 Time - 8:33AM
  2. to my mind it is simply mind boggling, First to the author of this narrative who has taken such great pains to collect these pics, Secondly to the builders of these monumental structures. I wonder where all these crafts men have disappeared, Why not the present day honchos build their houses with these art and architecture. It is so minute and delicate and esthetic.I wonder how could they get so many artisans so many designs and the time to build such huge structures,

  3. Comment By - suresh raghu patange Date - 12 Apr 2013 Time - 3:50AM
  4. very informative

  5. Comment By - vinita agrawal Date - 12 Apr 2013 Time - 1:16AM
  6. Excellent photos and very informative narrations!

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