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  1. Comment By - HIREN JITENDRABHAI KOTHARI Date - 25 Mar 2016 Time - 2:26PM
  2. hi.. need your help.. can I able to get the Image of Palitana Shikharji

  3. Comment By - sanjeev nayyar Date - 26 May 2012 Time - 6:01AM
  4. Meera u can reach Amdavad from where it is abt 6hours by bus. Or take a flight to Bhavnagar from where it is app 120 kms drive - use private taxi. Need any more tips write in.

  5. Comment By - meera jagadeesh Date - 26 May 2012 Time - 3:48AM
  6. wow unbelievable. i would love to visit them how to reach there? ameera

  7. Comment By - vijay kumar m Date - 01 Feb 2012 Time - 2:03AM
  8. I am seen this temple very beautyful.It have 3900steps&3000gods are thair at top of hill.

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