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  1. Comment By - shivaramg Thrissur Date - 23 Feb 2014 Time - 7:37PM
  2. Pictures and notes are great. suggestion for minor corrections: #11 Abhigyna to Abhigyana #17 Kalpa Vrinksha to Vriksha

  3. Comment By - Krishna Ballabha SHARMA Date - 09 Aug 2011 Time - 7:51PM
  4. Nice Pic of of Ujjen thnks

  5. Comment By - Parthapratim Ray Date - 04 Jul 2011 Time - 12:53AM
  6. Wonderful pics-Sanjeev. Parthapratim ray

  7. Comment By - dr george pradhaan Date - 09 Apr 2010 Time - 12:35PM
  8. things of beauty

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