Manali Winter Carnival

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1. Manali is a great place to visit. This carnival, that was held from January 2 to 6 2023, is one more reason to visit. The festival was first established in 1997 to promote skiing in the state. It has become a great way to showcase and celebrate the culture and traditions of this region. It is celebrated on Manali’s Mall Road.

2. Earlier pic gave u an overview of the Mall Road during festival celebrations. This one, clicked during August and from the other end of the Mall road, shows how the road looks in normal times. Pic by Sanjeev Nayyar.

3. Local women perform Kulvi Naati Dance.

4. On the Mall Road is this temple made out of wood. This is the Mata Mandir. Pic by S Nayyar.

5. Artist from the state coming to the festival. This trumphet is called Thankru.

6. In Manali area the grains that are grown are put in a basket like what you see and showcased.

7. Local ladies setting up Tana Bana. They are making PATTU which is different from a shawl.

8. Lady who is sitting is making malpuas. Think local name is Babru. Top right is Guchi. It is one of the highly nutritious, pretty expensive food like mushroom.

9. Fleecing wool of sheep. Also see loom on which the garment is made. Festival attempts to show local lifestyle.

10. Worshipping the Cow.

11. Artists from Gujarat added colour. The festival invited artists from other states too like Punjab and UT of Jammu and Kashmir. Captions by Editor based on inputs from Aquil Photographer and a Himachali friend.

12. Fresh snowfall on Manali Hills near Atal Tunnel. This tunnel has made area across Rohtang more accessible and increased number of tourists going there.

13. Road to Atal Tunnel. Looks so inviting.

14. Locals playing the trumphet, called Thankru. In the background a group of girls singing, think local dance songs.

15. Performing the Kulvi Naati Dance on Mall Road. I stayed in hotel at end of pic. Area is full of hotels and restaurants where one gets all types of food because Manali attracts tourists from all over India.

16. Organising the dress and shoes of so many performers not easy. They looked liked locals, not professional artists. For them it is part of their culture.

17. Close up. Notice the silver necklace. January is cold. Thanks to Akhil Bhaiya for sharing pictures with esamskriti.

18. Women have caught each other’s hands and have a cur chief too. The Sher-e-Punjab serves good food.

19. Kulvi Naati Dance. They need to bend. Notice the shoes, all similar design.

20. Another picture of Kulvi Naati Dance. Tourists were invited and made part of the dance. A group of girls from Delhi loved it.

21. Another picture of Kulvi Naati Dance. Like other hill stations Manali has number of Kashmiri shops, taken on rent. They pay above market rentals. Wonder how they make money because hardly saw any customers during my four-day stay.

22. Trumphet or Thankru. Love the glow on and complexion of these women. Metro women spend big money to get such good skin.

23. Shiv Parvati. Pranams. Festival also had a Tug of War competition.

24. They also had a Beauty Queen competition. U see the winners. Manali is a good base to visit Lahaul and Spiti Valleys and Chandratal Lake.

25. Tourists enjoying the snow. To see album of People of Manali

26. Manali is also know for Hadima Temple. She was the wife of Bhim and mother of Ghatotkach. Do visit. There is a Manu Mandir too, in the old city. The town gets its name from Rishi Manu. To see temple album

27. Smiling Himachali Women 2016 at Solang Valley Shiv Mandir. Pic by S Nayyar. To see Valley album

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