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eSamskriti is a sincere endeavour to make Indians and the world know more about Culture, Spirituality, Yoga and Travel destinations. Geographically it covers the Indian Subcontinent and India in the world.

It is our belief that
It is our belief that

Sharing of information and insights help people have a better appreciation of and understanding each other. This contributes to increasing happiness and peace globally.

By seeing pictures you come closer to nature, get a sense of different cultures and motivated to travel. Tourism generates employment. Travel is a form of learning.

Life is full of opposites, pleasure and pain, heat and cold, joy and sorrow. We should learn to face them bravely, have a sense of balance and strive to live in equanimity.

We request you to share articles and pictures. Together we can create something that outlives us.

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eSamskriti wants to bring a smile to all

eSamskriti wants to
bring a smile to all

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