Tribes of Arunachal Pradesh

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This collection has pics of various tribes. During Sept 13 visit drove over 3,000 kms thru the state, from Deomali in the East to Itanagar and then Tawang. A teacher at Vivekanand Kendra Tezu agreed to take us home. Her home is about 10-12 kms from Tezu. Home is made of bamboo. Flooring is bamboo as you can see. On the wall are faces of Mithun, local animal is used sacrifice.

Overview of their home. At a height, top is tin and at a height. Teacher uses scooter that you see to drive to school. U enter home from corner ie left side of pic, home is like a long railway compartment. Pic one is area when you enter home. There is a place to burn fire and chat with guests. Then bedroom and other rooms.

Her sister-in-law with child and mother. To left of this area is kitchen. Has gas cylinder, mixie and micro wave oven.

Teacher in traditional dress. She took 20 minutes to dress up. They have a open area round the house.

A close up. Silver coins necklace round her neck is passed on from her Dadi.

Note the bag, silver coins and her hair do. She belonged to the Mizo Mishmi tribe.

Just across the road from earlier house is this home. It is a typical village home with no tin sheets on top. Entrance is on other side that you will see in next pic.

This is the shade above entrance to home. Note the intricate bamboo work.

Arunachalis follow Donyi Polo religion which means worship of sun and the moon. In Itanagar this is a typical home temple. So many Indians across the country worship the Sun or Surya Devata. When I told a student in VKV Ziro that I too worshipped the Sun and showed her Surya locket round my neck she was surprised and began responding to me very positively thereafter during my interactive session with students.

In order to make this collection more complete some pics, like this one, are taken from DIPRO ie "Department of Information and Public Relation", Govt of Arunachal Pradesh. I have not got any specific approval from them to use these pics but got these from a dear friend in Arunachal and want to use these pics to showcase Arunachal. Ladies belong to the Nyishi tribe.

In a village around 1 hour from Roing. Villager cut bamboo tree and taking home. Copyright of all pics given by DIPRO lie with them.

Why does this lady have a haircut like this? Queen Rukmini ka marriage was tied up with Shishupal, Prince of modern day Lohit. But Rukmini had accepted Krishna as her husband, sent a secret message to Krishna, on day of wedding they eloped. Shishupal and her brother Rukma chased Krishna who defeated them, the former was killed. Rukma was dragged in his chariot up to Ruksin entry point of Passighat. Sri Krishna let him go by cutting his hair like that is sported by the lady today. Idu Mishmi tribe are descendants of Rukma. Digaro Mishmi are descendants are Shishupal. Lady that you see belongs to Idu Mishmi tribe. Info courtesy Pie Sir, my friend n guide during Yatra.

State bird Hornbill. Pic courtesy and copyright DIPRO.

Village homes close to Along. Every evening Medical Van of Ramakrishna Mission School Along visits villages. I had gone with them to this village some 30 minutes away. Note house design and lay-out.

Inside a home ie Dapurijo. Huge open area as you see in front and right hand side of the house, inside are rooms and kitchen. Flooring made of bamboo.

Room inside. Centre of room is where wood is burnt - family sits around, behind that you see kitchen. Note gas cylinder. To see pics of Shiva Lingam Ziro Click here

Inside tribal home area in Ziro. Platform that you see in centre is called LAPONG. Panchayat Chief sits on platform and takes decisions. He is called LAPANG. Tall pole is called BABO. Ziro is inhabited by Apatani tribe. To see pics of Ziro Click here

Whilst walking around the area saw this man. Lots of locals into making bamboo based products. Homes are made out of wood and bamboo.

Centre is home, flag that you see means house owner worships sun and moon ie follows Donyi Polo religion. Hut that you see on right of pic is special. Apatani tribe followers believe that tigers are like their brothers. If any persons kills a tiger, he is considered to be a murderer and ritual performed to make Atma Shanth, puja karna padta hai. Hut made to capture the Atma in the room - is called NAGO.

Van delivering Indian Made Foreign Liquor to a store in Bomdila. All over Arunchal saw liquor shops in every town. In Along saw atleast 20 shops. Presence of so many shops has resulted in locals taking to drinking in a big way. Many a school Principal complained of 10-12th standard taking to drinking and some ladies too complained similarly. To see pics of RKM Along Click here

Apatani women of Ziro are well known for their nose plugs and facial tatoos. This was done to make the women less attractive so that women were not taken away by other tribes. Good looking women of Ziro became the source of inter-tribe fights. Was told such fights took place till the 1980''s. Young girl do not sport any tatoos or nose plugs.

You see in pic is placed outside home. It is for protection of their home and family members from evil spirits. Apatani name is ''Tamu Agyang''. It is like Limbo and Green chilly ie placed outside my and many homes in various parts of India.

Inside a Apatani home. White on top is corn. Centre is where all sit around fire. Lady made rice brew beer for me, just like what I had in Bastar district, Chhattisgarh. Colonial language mein they are called Tribes but seemed just like anyone else. When I walked to end of room saw bottles of Head and Shoulder/Sunsilk shampoo, used by host ka daughter.

A old lady with nose plug and facial tatoos. As I said earlier today we see only old ladies with nose plugs. Hence when people like me want to photograph they are in great demand, some demand money to be photographer although this lady never did so.

Lady belonging to ADI GALO tribe. Photo courtesy and copyright DIPRO.

Cane farm in Ziro. This is a huge area where cane is grown. Local people own a piece of land, big or small, in this area and grow cane there.

Lady belonging to SINGHPO tribe. Photo courtesy and copyright DIPRO.

Dance by Adi tribe. Photo courtesy and copyright DIPRO.

Man belonging to Adi tribe in typical dress. Photo courtesy and copyright DIPRO.

Somewhere enroute between Along and Ziro met these two ladies.

My friend, philosopher and guide during Arunachal Yatra Pie Sir. He is a Yoga teacher, very good speaker, has uncanning ability to connect with students, speaks local language very well and has a super understanding of Arunachal Pradesh, nationalist to the core. In VKV Itanagar in Mayurasana i.e. peacock posture. Hope description is correct. Every school we visited he would show a asana which improved complexion. The minute he said that girls would start laughing.

Cross section of students at VKV Itanagar smiling and clapping whilst listening to Pie Sir. He told students to know their mother tongue more so because the language does not have a script. If not learnt at an early age it is difficult to learn later.

State Museum at Itanagar. Left to right is TANGGA or cane shield used by Idu Mishmi tribe, Tamkung or shield by Adi tribe, Leather shield by Wanchoo tribe, Wooden shield by Nocte tribe and Wooden shield by Wanchoo tribe. If you want pic that gives descriptions mail me.

1 is centre Drum by Wancho tribe, clockwise 2 is Wasung Mung or musical instrument by Nocte tribe, 3 and 4 are Flute by Tangsa tribe, 5 is Biwa or musical instrument by Brusso tribe, 6 is flute by Monpa tribe, 7 to 9 is flute by Tangsa tribe and 10 is Horn Bugle by Nocte tribe.

Necklaces that form part of the state museum collection. 1 is centre, then left to right. 1 to 4 are Necklace by Wancho tribe. Local name for pic no 3 ka necklace is SOKE-LIK. Missed taking a pic of other board so cannot say other necklaces used by which tribe.

Digaru Mishmi tribe couple. To see pics of Ramakrishna Mission Hospital Itanagar and tribes Click here

At Bhalukpong - met this man on the road at about 5 am. Forget name of tribe to which he belonged. To see pics of drive from Bhalukpong to Tawang Click here

Was walking around in Bomdila ie enroute to Tawang when met this group belong to Monpa tribe. People in Bomdila and Tawang wear western clothes - did not see too many like that elsewhere. Best way to click is catch them by surprise. When I told them to pose for a pic did not come well.

State Museum in Itanagar has such images of each tribe. U see members of Nocte tribe. Museum well laid out - worth a visit.

Mishi tribe. Courtesy and copyright DIPRO.

Shop in Bomdila that sells Baba Ramdev''s products say soaps, shampoos, toothpaste, ayurvedic products etc. Cough syrup is a big hit there. Lady on left has a Nepali father and Monpa mother whilst lady on right is from Uttar Pradesh, got married and came here. Marriage between Nepalis and Monpa tribe quite common.

Monpa tribe who live in Bomdila and Tawang regions, followers of Buddha. Courtesy and copyright DIPRO.

Monpa tribe who live in Bomdila and Tawang regions, followers of Buddha. Courtesy and copyright DIPRO.

Ladies in Bomdila market, belong to Monpa tribe (the lady on left might be Nepali not sure).

Met this young man in Tawang market.

Tagan tribe. Courtesy and copyright DIPRO.

Students at VKV Titpi. It is about 30 minutes drive from Tawang and in a backward area. I reached about 7 ish.

No light that evening but children have to study. This is how they make the best of the situation.

Tawang has brick and cement homes unlike many other places in the State. Belong to Monpa tribe - three generations.

Was walking around in Tawang market when entered this shop where saw the old lady doing Japa. She is about 83, reminded me of my late mother.

These girls were going to school when I met them, sporting enough to be photographed. Lady in centre note her dress.

Monpa dance. Courtesy and copyright DIPRO.

Monpa Lion Dance. Top end of pic is Tawang Monastery. Courtesy and copyright DIPRO. To see pics of Tawang Monastery Click here

Khampti warriors in action. Courtesy and copyright DIPRO.

Puroik tribe - inside State Museum Itanagar.

Taraon tribe - inside State Museum Itanagar.

Tansgsa dance. Courtesy and copyright DIPRO. To see pics of Bumla Border ie some 3 hours drive from Tawang Click here

Tansgsa dance. Courtesy and copyright DIPRO. To see pics of Craft Centres of Arunachal Pradesh Click here

Wangcho tribe. Courtesy and copyright DIPRO. To see pics of Jaswant Garh War Memorial Click here

At vegetable market Bomdila. Lady in centre with her young child. Probably the best looking vegetable vendors that I have ever seen. To see pics of Children of Arunachal Pradesh Click here

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