Tigers of Bandhavgarh

By Ritul Mehta | 2004

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Ready to enter the Arena, look at his walk. The Park lies in the heart of the Vindhya Mountain Range in Central India. The center of the park is dominated by the majestic Bandhavgarh Fort around which are numerous caves containing shrines & ancient Sanskr

Yawning Tiger. Park area is 480 sq. km. Best season to visit is Nov to June. Park closed from July 1 to Oct 31

In a relaxed, reflective mood. Though no records remain to show when the Fort was constructed it is believed to be 2,000 years old. Various dynasties have ruled it like Maghas, Vakatakas etc. In the 13th century the Baghels took over, ruling from Bandhavg

Cautious mood like the Indian cricketers who are not sure whether they should risk their lives and visit Pakistan in March 2004.

Enjoy the contour of the Tiger s face. There are more than 22 species of mammals & 25 species of birds in the Park. Reptilian Fauna include the cobra, python, viper etc.

Licking himself lovingly

Taken firm control of the ground.

Raring to go.

Amidst an environment that the tiger likes best, closest to nature.

Relaxing amongst tall grass. Enjoying feeling dirty.


If we do not Save the Tiger then he will leave Mother Earth & go away like

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