Marble Rocks Jabalpur

By Sanjeev Nayyar | 2017

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Took train from Mumbai to Jabalpur. Reached at 3 pm, left for Amarkantak, reached Bhedaghat at 9 pm the next day. Got up at 5.30 am, took app 15 minutes from Hotel River View to waterfall. U see rising sun`s rays falling on waterfall. Dhuandhar literally means misty falls, is a 10 metre drop of the river. Locals said that sunrise is usually spectacular.

Pic shows the place from river begins its journey through the wall of marble rocks after the waterfall. "Narmada flows for 3 kms in a narrow channel through the magnesium limestone and basalt rocks called the Marble Rocks." Next pic and caption is courtesy Shrirang Khandekar from his lovely blog

"The boating area begins at the place marked as Start in the map here. One boat accommodates about 25 tourists. The maximum distance that one can row up the river is marked with double lines in the map." Note that the Narmada flows from the waterfall to Bhedaghat boating area.

Since sky was not clear left by 7.30ish. Special viewing platforms exist to enjoy view. Right is road. Locals said that during monsoons the area that u see in pic is full of water. Do take Ropeway to get a bird`s view of the waterfalls.

This shop is Laxmi Marble. It was the only one open then. If interested call Neeraj Giri at Bhedaghat 91 99936 96216 or 97558 81315. There are shops n shops.

All over Bhedaghat u see shops which paint your name on marble. Very creative. Took a auto for Rs 10/ reached boating area in 5 minutes. It was early so few tourists. In 2017 u could take a group boat for Rs 100/ or take a 5 seater. Lucky to meet a couple so we took 5 seater. Paid Rs 200/ ticket and Rs 100/ tip to rowers.

View from hotel room i.e. River View. Nice clean functional hotel. Rs 1500/ for a double room with breakfast. U take boat from area i.e. on right of pic. Ma Narmada starts from Amarkantak, flows through rocky terrain to reach here. The river flows between Satpura and Vindhya range. Sunset is supposed to be good, missed it since went boating.

I took group boat in evening and 5 seater in morning. This is evening group. Boat has 2 rowers and 1 who guides. Commentary given by one rower is humorous and super, makes boat ride even more enjoyable. All along ride there are certain points with names. ENJOY.

First view of the marble rocks. If u go back to pic no 3 u will get a sense of the boat route. "Just South of Jabalpur the Narmada makes a mighty plunge and makes its way to the narrow gorges of towering limestone cliffs, an awesome spectacle of nature."

Pics where u see reflection of rocks in water are morning. Over the centuries nature has given strange shapes to these rocks. Just sit back and enjoy.

Since this rock has a pinkish colour it is about Bollywood actress Rekha`s cheeks. Did this trip in November 2017.

Evening pic. Marble and marble every where. Were told marble mines exist ahead.

More reflections. Look at pieces of marble. During monsoons boat service suspended. During full moon nights there are special night rides.

This is called Bhoolbhaliya or the maze. U enter area from end of pic. When u enter area there are 3 options to take, it is very confusing hence the name.

Some more marble - wish could take some of it home. Evening pic.

This is after we take a right turn from Bhool Bhalaiya area. This is amongst the most popular pics seen. Right top u can see lights. Area is lit on Saturday and Sunday. Next time must be there on these days.

Some more marble for you. Note reflection. Rower has a smart and humorous response to every statement we made.

Note the reflection all the way to end of pic. "As the boat moves upstream, the texture and colour of the marble on the cliffs changes. From dazzling white to pale yellow and from pinkish hue to different shades of green, the Marble Rocks of Jabalpur changes colour as the sun makes his way across the sky."

This is front view meaning boat going to last point till it is allowed to go. Evening pic. Young boys stand on top of hill. Pay them Rs 50/ and they will jump 15-20 feet into the water.

Our group enjoying, some taking pics.

Balancing Rock at the base of Jabalpur Fort.

Some more reflections.

And some more. Marble is very white.

Black colour on the rock. There is a story to this. For a good guide at Bhedaghat call Kamlesh Tiwari 91 88780 90113.

Nature`s creation.

At some points, like this one, Ma Narmada is so serene. It rained less this year so water levels low.

Can you see man sitting on rocks.

More reflections on the way back.

On rock top centre u see a small shivling. Small canoe is used for non-touristy purposes.

Loved this one.

This is view from hotel room, Hotel River View. Right of pic is where the boats go for boating. End of pic is Saraswati Ghat where devotees go for a dip in Ma Narmada.

Evening Aarti is held on the banks of Ma Narmada. Scale is small. Wish they make it bigger so tourists come for only the aarti as it happens in Kashi and Haridwar.

Left Bhedaghat around 11am. Took Metro bus, share auto to reach Gwarighat in Jabalpur. It is like a ghat in Kashi with number of Pandits waiting to perform puja. Temple in water on right of pic is Narmada Mata Mandir. For local pandit call Dipanshu Tiwari 91 87709 91643.

Right of pic is a small gurudwara where Guru Nanak visited. Left of pic is a huge recently made gurudwara. Area attracts lots of migratory birds in this season. Do feed them with chana - grain. Aarti is performed daily at 7.30 pm. Wish I had known.

View of Gwarighat. Wish they made the ghat cleaner like in Pushkar. Some caption info taken from travel writer Rangan Dutta blog. "There are various temples in Gwarighat including Shri Ramlalla mandir, Siddhi Vinayak Mandir, Chaandi ke Ganesh Ji & Geeta Dhaam."

This dashing paan shop owner caught my eye. Loved the look.

PACHMATHA Mandir is next to Hotel River View. Something very special about this temple. When I entered the vibrations were very good. Some Muslims bought house opposite temple. Hope they do not try making a mosque there and create social tension.

Rani Durgawati Mahal is part of fort in Jabalpur. Palace on huge rock. 2 ways to reach there. U can climb steps about 10 minutes. The auto wala took drove up the hill. Then I walked pass a dargah and mosque after which is a 10 minute walk thru dense trees. Avoid. Met many couples here who were embarrassed to see me.

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