Kandariya Mahadeva Khajuraho

By Sanjeev Nayyar Sanjeev@esamskriti.com | 2008

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Board outside temple. Built between 1025-1050 A.D. Largest Khajuraho temple dedicated to Lord Shiva.

A front view of the temple. I could not get my eyes this amazing temple. We first walk up steps on to a platform, then climb steps to enter temple.

Closer view of entrance. Note elegantly carved Torana decorated with a Kirtim Ukha and a freeze of dancers. Similar torans found in Gujarat & Rajasthan.

A side view of the temple.

A side view from the Jagdamba Temple side.

A close up view of the top portions of the temple.

Clicked the Shikhar from the back side.

Lower panel of temple.

Mithuna couple.

Mithuna couple.

Lingam inside the sanctum.Errors & omissions regretted.

A close-up view of the top portions of the temple

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