Tigers of Bandhavgarh New

By Rajeev Dass rkd123@gmail.com | 2016

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This is the third album on Tigers of Bandhavgarh. The TIGER is a such an amazing creation and it has so many shades that seeing newer pictures is always a pleasure. This collection by Rajeev is amazing. Beating the Heat Tigress Parvalli, Dhikala.

Tigress Parvalli. Note the reflection of her face in the water.

Side view of Tigress Parvalli. Note the tail at the left of pic.

Nazar "Nazar bachaakar..... chale gaye woh .... varna ghaayal kar deta ...... !!. Editor - the more personalised captions like this one are by Rajeev, the rest are by me.

Just loved this picture, feeling hungry and raring to go.

His Majesty !!!! Visible in all his natural glory (literally) Tiger Mamu, Bandhavgarh.

Motherly Love A private moment !!

Tank-up - at the Bar Tigress Kankatti full stretch, full muscle. I reckon she can take in 3 litres+ of water.

The Look" Tigress Kankatti - her look can freeze you instantly.

Young Guns!!! Cubs of Tigress Kankatti, Maghdi Zone.

Tigress Kankatti with her cub. She looks ferocious, warning to all not to mess around with her cub.

Love the color of these parrots. Non tiger pics to give some variety.

Tiger Mangu Tala Zone, BTR, 29 April 2017 Deep inside the forest, Tiger Mangu appeared suddenly, to send a chill up our spines. No pug marks, no calls. Ferocity redefined.

A close up of Tiger Mangu Tala Zone. Ferocious look.

Somewhere in Bandhavagarh. To see pics of Ranthambore Wildlife Sanctuary Click here

Love this relaxed and content look. To see pics of Tadoba Tiger Reserve Click here

Evening Family Stroll......!! Tigress Noor with cubs Zone 2, RTR, 6 April 2017. To see pics of Kanha National Park Click here

Someone once said love is walking in the rain together. It needs to be redefined perhaps. To see earlier album of Tigers of Bandhavgarh Click here

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