Kakanmath Shiv Temple,Morena

By vikas singh | 2022

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1. This temple is built on a large platform, has a large pillared hall, sanctum and Shiva linga. Height of Shikhara is about 100 feet. Note pillared hall in front with shikhar behind. It was constructed about 11th century. It looks as if the stones were carefully placed so as keep them in balance. Pic credit Agni Amrita.

2. Originally the temple was surrounded by many subsidiary shrines of which traces can be seen. The temple owes its name to Kakanvati, Queen of the Kachchhapghat ruler Kirttiraja. The temple is highly decorated even in its present condition. Do not get deceived by the exterior but walk inside and around. You will be surprised.

3. Temple Shikhar reminded me of a Khajuraho. “Temple is fixed on a beautiful Pitha-Base. A sanctum is placed in an anti- chamber along with 2 halls-Gudha-mandapa & Mukha-Mandapa inside it. The gudha-mandapa has lateral transepts, & 4 clusters of pillars; each cluster contains 4 pillars. The vestibule has 4 pillars in a row, which are aligned with 4 clusters of the gudha-mandapa.” Credit www.rgyan.com

4. Kandariya Mahadev Mandir, Khajuraho was built between 1025 to 1030 A.D.

5. What remains in part is on the Shikhar top that you can see. The temple is located at Sihoniya in Morena district and is app 65 kms from Gwalior. Sihoniya “was once the capital of the Kushawahas of the Kachchhapaghata that was established around the 11th century.”

6. See how the stones are placed. Pray this temple remains for many years to come. eSamskriti is grateful to Vikas Singh ji for sharing pictures.

7. Stones are stacked one above another. Makes you wonder how the temple is still as is. It survives nevertheless.

8. Stones stacked up.

9. You see a gate like structure in front of the temple. You can see ruins. Elsewhere seen ASI made an Art Gallery and carefully preserved sculptures. Not sure if there is one here.

10. A smaller temple. Note pillar design and temple base design.

11. Steps to enter temple.

12. Pillars at temple entrance. According to bloggers and photographers Agni and Amrita the construction does not use any concrete or binding agent or even lime. Pic by them, big thanks. Visit their lovely blog https://www.taleof2backpackers.com/kakanmath-temple-morena/

13. This pillared corridor leads to the sanctum. Pillars have ornate carvings.

14. Shiva Linga. Pranams.

15. Beautiful sculptures are carved on the temple exterior walls. Reminded me of Khajuraho.

16. Temple wall. Faces damaged.

17. Walls of Khajuraho temple.

18. Temple wall.

19. Note pillars and wall (damaged). According to this Etvbharat report, Kakanmath was destroyed by the armies of Aibak and Iltutmish in the 13th century and since then it fell to neglect and obscurity. https://www.etvbharat.com/english/national/state/madhya-pradesh/mp-kakanmath-temple-a-tale-of-king-invaders-and-ghosts/na20191030192601095

20. Temple wall. I visited Morena in January 2020. Visited the other 3 temples but missed this one. This album made up for that.

21. In Morena, is Padavali Temple considered by locals to be a precursor to Khajuraho. Wow sculptures. It was built in the 10th century. See album https://www.esamskriti.com/a/Madhya-Pradesh/PADAVALI-Temple-Morena,-Gwalior.aspx

22. Chausath Yogini Temple Morena. It was built in 1323. Its round shape is said to have inspired the design of Parliament House. See album https://www.esamskriti.com/a/Madhya-Pradesh/MITAWALI-Morena,-Chausath-Yogini-Temple.aspx

23. These recently restored temples were first made by the Pratiharas between 6 to 9th century. See album https://www.esamskriti.com/a/Madhya-Pradesh/Bateshwar%20Temples,Morena.aspx

24. Shiva Linga outside temple. To see exhaustive and nice temple coverage. https://kevinstandagephotography.wordpress.com/2019/04/23/kakanmath-temple-defying-the-laws-of-gravity/

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