Bhojpur Shiv Temple

By Shefali Vaidya | 2017

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Bhojpur Shiv Mandir - Front view. Bhojpur was founded by the Parmar king of Dhar, Raja Bhoj (1010-53) and was named after him. It is 28 kms from Bhopal.

The ramp behind the Bhojpur temple, built to transport huge stone blocks to the tops.

The Shiva Lingam at the Bhojpur Shiv Mandir was built by Raja Bhoj over a 1000 years ago. "The lingam in the sanctum rises to 7.5 feet with a circumference of 17.8 feet. Set upon a massive platform 21.5 feet square and made of three superimposed limestone blocks, the architectural harmony of lingam and platform creates a superb synthesis of solidity and lightness."

Ganga holding a pot of water decorating the Dwar Shaikha of the Bhojpur Temple.

Dome like ceiling of the Bhojpur Shiv Mandir. When it was built, the temple was left open to sky, thus giving rise to a theory that it was a meditation temple dedicated to the Chakras.

Details of bracket figures on the ceiling, Bhojpur Shiv Mandir.

Rock cut inscription at Bhojpur Shiv Mandir. To read about temple Click here

Monolothic Shiv Lingam, Bhojpur Temple. "West of Bhojpur once a vast lake, but nothing remains now except the ruins of the magnificent old dams by which its water were contained." To read a good travelogue Click here

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