Preah Ko

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Main Gopura, Preah Ko

Inner Enclosure showing two gopuras.

Main tower

Main tower, side view. Originally the main tower was surrounded on all sides by water. The mini-moat can be seen clearly in this photograph.

Building, unique because of its European style.

Coexistence of Buddhist and Hindu shrines. Note Lord Shiva’s linga in front and Buddhist Stupa inside.

Garuda, on one of the temple ramparts. Garuda is the mount of Lord Vishnu.

Central sanctuary, Buddhist. A close up of the Stupa that you saw two pictures before.

Preah Khan has many cruciform shaped shrines. This is from the same spot where the earlier pic was taken, but looking 90 degrees east. Note the dvarpala guarding the shrine on the left.

Hall of the Dancing Apsaras.

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