Drive Chandigarh to Leh

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Typical Manali beauty. The cane basket on the back contains fruit that they pick - apples, apricots, berries

At Timber Trail Parwanoo. This is about an hour`s drive from Chandigarh. Ropeway to hill point from where beautiful view. If can must stop and have chai pakoras there.

You see Anandpur Sahib Gurdwara. It was founded in 1665 by Guru Tegh Bahadur, the 9th Sikh Guru.

Colourful lorries as you see keep staring at you all along the way right upto Leh

The most amazingly delicious MAKKI KI ROTI`S that we had in a long time. You eat these with Globs of Ghee and out of this earth Ma ki Dal. Meal for 5 cost only Rs 270/

Attacking the Ma ki Daal - Yummy experience

Along the way. I liked the hanging bridge that helps locals cross the river

Paying our respects to Lord Hanuman

En route from Manali to Leh - Cluster of Dhabas along the stretch leading to marhi

A Saraswati temple we came across at GHUDDHOD

The wood carved door of the Saraswati temple

BEAS, roaring its way down between rocks and human obstacles

The Pir Panjal range looking over you in Manali

Manali and beyond is full of THE most beautiful, furry, four legged handsomes which we call "dogs". Supposed to be a breed called Butia`s, primarily Indian Mountain dogs

Sunrise Sunrise - the Pir Panjal Range shining Gold with the morning rays kissing it to life

Plucking Apples from the orchards along the way

ROHTANG PASS - which in Tibeatian means PILE OF CORPSES. I guess had we known of this before we would have happliy driven past and not posed with all our teeth falling off our mouths.

The BRO at work, completing the treacherous routes of LAHAUL SPITI. In the background are The Twin Peaks (on the left corner) The GYEPHANG pinnacles, named after the patron diety of the people of Lahaul. They believe that is the residence of their `Protec

These boards make you tank up at a speed called NOW. This is enroute to TANDI. For the next 365 kms from this point there is no petrol station.

From being beautiful and green the mountains turn starck and bare, yet seem bold and strong

TANDI - The Sangam of River Chandra & River Bhaga which later becomes Chandrabhaga and much later River Chenab as it changes terrains

The pretty Mountain Goats - the famous and expensive Pashmina`s come from these dudes

Helping the BRO building roads. This was my contribution to the roads of this area.

ZINGZINGBAR at 13,680 feet, marking the climb to the Baralachla Pass

AT Deepak Tal - Tal means LAKE, about an hour ahead of Baralachla Pass

All about Baralachla Pass

The tent accomodation at SARCHU

That’s what the cold does to you at Sarchu

Don’t know how these guys get the strength to do this, but cycling they are from Manali to Leh!!!

Marking your climb to the Nakeela Pass is a zigzag stretch called the GATTA LOOPS - 21 of them in all.

Lachulung Lungpa as it winds through a canyon


Driving through the Morey Plains

"Gents" loo along the way. The guys said it is better to do it open air

Our breakfast cum lunch stop at UPSI about 50 Kms away from Leh. This is the "bedroom" of the lunch place

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