Tso Moriri Lake Ladakh

By Umesh Gogna | 2022

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1. The Lake is about 250 kms from Leh, takes about 8 hours. Lake at a height of 4595 metres, length 19kms width 3 kms.

2. It has tents and home stays. In 2016 paid Rs 1,000/ for the night at a home stay. Lake is close to the border with Tibet.

3. In 2016, tents were Rs 4,000/ a night, stiff. There are conducted yours from Leh to Pangong and Tso Moriri. They are cheaper, not sure about the facilities though.

4. Just enjoy the pictures and serenity there. Met some who were trekking to Manali from there.

5. Just enjoy the pictures and serenity.

6. Just enjoy the pictures and serenity.

7. Just enjoy the pictures and serenity.

8. Just enjoy the picture and serenity.

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10. This is another smaller lake that you see whilst driving to Leh. Thanks Umesh for granting permission to esamskriti to share your lovely pics.

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