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The International Sand Art Festival 2015 was held at Chandrabagha beach, Konarak in Orissa from December 1-5. The theme of this festival was Swach Bharat and World Peace. Besides Orissa, the festival attracted artist from the U.S., Canada, Spain and Columbia. Captions written by Editor. This work is dedicated to World Peace, artist Jitendra Moharana.

We start with Swach Bharat art. Work of Anupam Mohanty. It shows a broom and dust bin and urges all to use the broom to clean India. Famous Odia sand artist Sudarshan Pattnaik is taken as the brand ambassador of International Sand Art Festival event organized in Odisha. See more at: Click here

Work of Pramod Patnaik. Art urges people living in villages and big towns to keep India clean because then it will shine / progress.

Sanitation for all. Right is a women. In front is a toilet with bye line Toilet for All. The significance behind this design is to support all women living in villages who insist that they will get married into a household only if it has a toilet.

Pic shows a dustbin and broom and urges all to keep surroundings clean by the words USE ME. Artist is Ranjan Ganguly.

Work of Atisso Beaubyssan Sodjine from Africa. It shows Gandhiji hiding his face perhaps because he is unhappy to see a dirty India. The broom in hand symbolises resolve to Clean India.

Really love this piece of work - very creative. Name of artist not known.

Clean my India. Shows village and city with road running through. Again very creative. Name of artist not known.

Shops Map of India with man in centre holding a broom. It urges people all over India to pick up the broom to clean India. Name of artist not known.

Artist Asheley Elizabeth from Canada at work. ""Golden Sand Art Institute” which is an open air institute in Puri Beach behind Mayfair Hotel was started in the year 1999."

Artist Bharat Bishwanatha Jena. In centre is a nose, man has two eyes represented by Swach Bharat.

Artist Nathu Garchar from India.

Artist Sue Mcgrew from U.S.A.

Keep Clean be Healthy. Reiterates the connection between cleanliness and good health. Name of artist not known.

Chandrabagha Beach Konarak. U see how artist display their wonderful work. Had visited the beach in December 2013, about 5 am. It was very cold and foggy, is only a few kms from Sun Temple Konarak. To see pics of temple Click here

List of artists who made the 2015 International Sand Art Festival Konarak a grand success. Wish PM Modi had visited to see how his Swach Bharat campaign has caught the imagination of sand artists.

Very creative work by Jitendra Kishore Jagdev. Note the face cut, hair etc.

Amazing work by Ranjan Ganguly. If you like to call freelance photographer Arabinda Mahapatra 91 94376 95666 and 97779 35354.

We now come to the World Peace section. Artist are Sarita Goyachata, Sujata Patanaik and Priya Darshini Sahu. Bye line ''Let Peace prevail everywhere''.

Pictures of earlier festivals on display.

Top of pic is a replica of the Sun Temple. Name of artist not known.

Pray for Peace say 3 women. Artist Sue Mcgrew from the U.S.

Artist Sushanta Kumar Sethi and Satyanarayana Maharana. World Peace. Centre is Buddha. To his left man looks like Santaclause. Man in front of pic is making I think a Kalash.

World Peace in our own hands, so well said. As we think we shall do. Name of artist not known.

World Peace. Buddha on a stupa. Name of artist not known.

Creative work. Name of artist not known.

Artist is Atisso Beaubyssan SodJine from Africa. On a two wheeler shows a man with head of elephant and lady with face of a woman and lower portion that of a snake. Reminded me of a Nag Kanya sculpture that I saw at the Raja Rani Mandir Bhubaneswar. See pic no 4 Click here

Artist Banamber Patanaik. Face esp eyes very well made.

Very well made face, note the ear rings. Name of artist not known.

This is also very well made. Name of artist not known.

Artist Nathu Garchar from Gujarat. To see pics of Chilika Lake Click here

Artist Rakesh Sana. Love this one. Exquisite. To see pics of Pattachitra Paintings at heritage village Raghurajpur ie 10 kms from Puri Click here

Artist Sudam Pradhan. A smile can make all the difference. To see pics of Mukteshwar Temple Bhubaneswar Click here

Artist Tuna Behera and Niranjan Das. To see pics of Handicrafts of Orissa Click here

Artist Manisha Pani, Ananya Kar and Swarna Lata Sahoo. Loved this collection. Thanks Arabinda. Besides the sand art festival the Konarak Dance Festival is held from Dec 1-5. Hope to visit there some day. Orissa has lots of beautiful places and is waiting to be explored. People are very nice.

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