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My Nana, maternal grandfather, came to Abohar in 1931. As kids we spent 15 days in Abohar every year. After Nana shifted to Delhi in 1972 our Abohar visits stopped. On a recent trip to Delhi I jumped at a chance to visit Abohar after nearly 40 years. As I was walking thru the main street a group of casual labourers asked me to click their pic. They were so happy to being clicked, see their picture inspite of knowing that I could not give them a copy.

Nana''s home. On the ground was Nana''s (Dr Tarachand Kashyap) clinic where stands Bank of Baroda today. They lived on the first floor. As a child I remember throwing things down from the first floor. Patients who walked out of the clinic got some freebies from above and wondered who was throwing the goodies.

My Nana (Dr Tarachand Kashyap-born in village Kaka Kowlon in Tehsil Wazirabad district Gujranwala Punjab, child of Lala Gopal Das and Bebeji Hari Devi ) and Nani (Smt Vidyavati Kashyap-child of Lala Hoshnak Rai and Bhabojee Lashmi Devi of Bhopalwala). Nana did his medicine from King Edward Medical College Lahore. Pic is around 1940.

In the town is Ma''s school. U see entrance to Model School. She was here till 8th standard after which she moved to Kanyamahavidhayala Jullunder.

In one of these rooms was Ma''s classroom.

This is the school playground. It is a very small school, must have been quieter in the 1940''s when Ma was there.

Picture of Ma Dr Usha Nayar 1931-2007. Born on Basant Panchami day in Bhopalwala (district Sialkot) at grandparents Lalaji Hoshnak Mal and Bhaboji Laksmi Devi place. Her first name was Sanjukta. She changed it to Usha when joined Arya Kanya Vidyala in Abohar. Later on studied at the Kanya Mahavidhyala Jullundar. Did her M.B.B.S from Amritsar Medical College, passed out in 1954. Got married in 1954. Did her D.G.O. from Grant Medical College and started practice in Sion Koliwada, then in Parel till the very end. She went to the clinic in the mornings and evenings, brought up three children, accompanied Dad for evening parties and cooked whenever there was no maid. Wonder how she managed. Was compassionate, always smiling with an incredible zest for life.

Walkers Garden in Abohar. Saw lots of people doing yoga. There was a group of ladies who looked to be part of the laughing club. Lovely garden, very well maintained.

This is the main market. Could be cleaner. I did the trip with my 83 year old Mama. According to him the galis or lanes of Abohar are the same today as they were over 40 years ago although the town has become much bigger.

Pic of my Mama''s classmate Dr T S Grewal and his wife Kantaji. Dr Grewal and Nana''s home shared a common wall. The families know each other for over 70 years. I remember meeting him as a child but felt as if we had never lost touch although my last visit to Abohar was in 1971.

Dr Grewal has a Kino orchard. Kino is like an orange. A view of the orchard. Looks like a mini forest. I walked through the orchards post lunch and loved it.

I kept on walking thru the orchards till I realized was in someone elses farm. In between two Kino trees is planted wheat. This way the tillable area is fully and productively used. Space between two trees is enough for tractor to drive through.

I saw a group of people and walked towards them. They consisted mostly of laborers from Uttar Pradesh, were having tea and offerred me. The ladies refused to be clicked, the men whom u see readily agreed. We chatted as if had known each other for years.

This is kanak (wheat). U see wheat that is ready to be harvested. Shall always fondly remember this Abohar trip. Like most Indians I too can now trace my roots to a village/town. There is a Nayyar gali in a village near Jullundar. I hope to go there some day.

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