• By Prof. P.T.G.Y. Sampath Kumaracharyulu
  • March 2016

Excerpts from article: “MANUSCRIPT is a work or a document written by hand. In India we have thousands of manuscripts all over the country. Manuscripts are the witness and record of our academic excellency from the very ancient ages. Many grate sages, scholars, poets have been contributed in a large scale to the vedic and classical Literature, since thousands of years. All these contributions are developed time to time by the learned society and passed over to their successors, with grate care and devotion. This unbroken tradition of our ancestors’ study produced a large number of manuscripts to us. This is our duty to utilize this treasure of Knowledge and preserve for the next generations.

Now a days Indian Government is concentrating more on the collection, preservation and protection of the manuscripts. National Manuscripts Mission (NMM), & Indira Gandhi National Center for Arts, New Delhi (IGNCA) has taken up this responsibility of the protection of the manuscripts. Huge funds are allotted to that Center by the Central Government in order to protect the existing collections of manuscripts in the Public and private Libraries, all over the country. A team of this Center visits every Library, where the manuscripts are deposited, and make a copy in micro-film, and preserved in their center at Delhi. This Center also sanctions necessary grants to the particular libraries to meet the expenses of collection, preservation, catalogue and publication of manuscripts. Individual projects also will be sanctioned to the learned scholars and research-students to edit the unpublished manuscripts. Such encouragement is to be utilized by the every scholar, to enrich the Indian academic venture, by adding individual contribution.”

Author is Head, Dept. of Nyaya, R.S.Vidyapeetha,TIRUPATI.

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