SCUBA DIVING Andaman Islands

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1. The good thing about FB is that one gets to know of other travels. So I saw pictures of Mohit Midha’s amazing pics of scuba diving in Andamans. eSamskriti is grateful to him for giving us permission to share his work.

2. What colours. U fly into Port Blair or take a ship from Chennai, Kolkata or Vizag to reach. Captions by Editor are based on information from what was found online. “Most of the scuba diving at the Andaman Islands takes place in the south from Havelock Island or Neil Island.”

3. Looks like a saucer. “Expect to see beautiful sloping reefs, steep walls, sandy bottoms, coral gardens and great pinnacles while diving here. Visibility is usually good and can extend up to 130ft (40m).” Enjoy beautiful reed and marine life.

4. Colours wow. Am told one has to go through a medical check-up. You are given a short brief on how to communicate when under water. If you are going deep there must be a more detailed briefing and medical.

5. Loved this. “Havelock and Neil are the most popular diving spots with hard and soft coral.” There are many diving companies that offer services esp. on Havelock island. Lighthouse is “popular for night diving.” Can also go to Macpoint, North Bay Island & Barracuda City.” Make sure company is registered with Professional Association of Diving Instructors.

6. Looks like a painting. “The diving season usually starts in October or November and goes up to May.”

7. Simplicity. “All this make it essential that you go through the basic course in order to learn how to properly breathe, float and control the pressure among other things, to be able to enjoy the session and have a great experience below the sea.”

8. “However enticing it might look, the basic rule in the sea is to look but not to touch, until asked by the instructor. The fishes and seaweed and the corals that you see might not be as harmless as you think them to be.”

9. Note eye size. A friend did a Sea Walk at Ross Island in 2018.

10. Sun set.

11. Somewhere we were in this boat, ready to dive. Sky colour and water enticing.

12. This is how Mohit and co moved under water.

13. Designer fish.

14. Enjoy.

15. Small fishes, not so clear water.

16. Wonder what this is.

17. What colours.

18. Looks like a whale. Do not touch anything underwater, only see.

19. Looks like a curtain.

20. For Diving Information this link seems useful.

21. Admire creation of nature. A useful travel piece

22. Stay away. Good information on diving in Andaman

23. Looks like a sitting ka stool.

24. Kya design hai.

25. Looks like a painting.

26. Looks like a painting.

27. Enjoy.

28. Front face can get intimidating.

29. Underwater photography.

30. Serene.

31. This looks scary, do not touch anything under water.

32. Delicate.

33. Loved this. Thanks a ton Mohit Midha for sharing.

34. Panoramic view of Radhanagar Beach. To see album of beaches on islands

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