Rhythms of Manipur in Tirupati

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1. The Shri Tirumala Devasthanam organised this cultural festival by inviting artists from various states. It is called Srivari Salakatla Brahmotsavams and is organised annually. Acrobatic drum dance by Manipuri drummers during the festival.

2. Secretary of the Board the man behind the organisation of the festival with Manipur team. This year festival was held from September 30 to October 8.

3. Fully decorated Tirumala Venkateswara Temple during the festival.

4. Gujarati girls dressed up in colourful clothing, some with umbrellas, before Raas Garba performance.

5. Purohits/ Pandits of the temple waiting Lord Venkateshwara.

6. Elephants escorting Lord Venkateswara during the procession.

7. Fully decorated Elephants ready to lead the deities during the procession.

8. The loved God in Gold during the procession.

9. Manipuri Nata Sankirtana music, Metei Pung performance of Manipur.

10. Acrobatic drum dance by Manipuri drummers during the festival. I love this. Visit Sangai Festival in Manipur to see more of this. It is held from November 21-30 every year in Imphal.

11. Manipuri dancing drummers during the procession attracting crowds.

12. Dance from Himachal Pradesh, it is called Kulvi Natti from Kullu district.

13. Close up of performer - Himachali group.

14. One of the performers of Raas Garba Dandiya from Gujarat.

15. Musicians from Kerala. Having attended Thrissur Pooram festival can say their music is out of this world.

16. Team from Mathura - Krishna and Radha Leela.

17. Gujarati Raas Garba Dandiya in action.

18. Kerala Musicians.

19. Manipuri performers relaxing after the performance.

20. Free meals were served to the devotees during the festival whole day.

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