Sri Sailam

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According to rock inscriptions, the main temple – as seen today – was built in 1230 AD by Myala Mahadevi, a Kakatiya princess. The sanctum sanctorum contains a naturally formed Shiva Linga which devotees are permitted to touch. Before you arrive in this G

A cable car takes you down the mountain right to the banks of the Patal Ganga, a part of the sacred River Krishna. Here, devotees can bathe in the holy waters or send floating lamps and flowers downstream to worship the river. Boating in the huge reservoir formed by a modern dam is also a pleasurable activity. Around the town, there are shrines devoted to Adi Shankara, Hatakeshwara, Shikhareshwara, Sakshi Ganesha and the five prominent Maths or centers of religious activity.

One of the most wonderful chapters of the temple’s history refers to the great Maratha King Shivaji who visited the temple in 1674. He built the northern tower and added gold to the spires of the temple. Bringing its glory back to the temple, he left his efficient officers to manage its work and looked after it for decades. The town today boasts a grand Shivaji Memorial where Goddess Bhramaramba is seen giving him a sword for his valour.

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