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The entrance to the Vaishali Stupa where the relics of the Buddha were buried by the Lichhavi clan 2600 years ago.

The actual site of the burial of the relics.

The special chamber in which Buddha''s relics are kept in the Patna museum.

The ancient stupa in Kesariya village, 53 kms from Vaishali. It is only partly excavated and a lot of archaeological works remains to be done.

The exquisite, authentic and ancient statues of the Buddha at the kesariya stupa. Sadly the head of the statue was plundered in the middle ages.

The beautiful heritage site of Kaluha, 10 kms from Vaishali. The great Ashokan Pillar stands proudly here.

Buddha''s attendant Ananda''s relics lie buried here. It is also the site where the monkey chief offered honey to the Buddha.

The serene lake at the heart of the town of Vaishali. The World Peace Pagoda stands tall on one side of the lake.

The Pagoda or Shanti Stupa was built by the Japanese to mark the atomic bomb tragedy in Japan. Vaishali was chosen for this construction because of its significant importance in the life of the Buddha.

A beautiful, five-metal bell can be seen in the Buddha Kutir which is a centre of education for children. The Bell was donated by the Nyingma sect of Buddhists.

The Vietnamese Monastery in Vaishali, a startling modern construction amidst the other ancient remains of this heritage town.

The gateway to the Vietnamese Monastery.

Typical rural huts, very authentic to this small agri-town.

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