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Have uploaded Cambridge pictures for 2 reasons. One number of India''s pre independence leaders studied there. Two see how they have converted a small canal into a major tourist spot earning millions of pounds. What you see is the garden of King''s College the most famous one in Cambridge. The ladies are Aparna and friend Aban.

Another view of the King''s College. Sri Aurobindo went to King''s College. You can see students in picture. It was examination time so may be that is why entry was restricted.

Outside King''s College we saw this clock in a shop, see boat above. Cambridge is about 2 to 3 hours from London. There is something very nice and special about Cambridge. Good place to study - very peaceful.

You see Aparna with friends Suhas & Aban at the Canal. You get boats for a 45 minute ride. Rate is 10 pounds per person and 12 people each boat. Each person does about 7 rounds a day ie 840 pounds a day or Rs 63,000/. There must be atleast 12 boats.

You see a collection of boats in the canal. It is very beautiful and calm. We were given a running commentary of the various colleges that can be seen from the boat. Although expensive had a nice time.

Rear side of King''s College as seen from the boat. If you have the time spend a day, walk around to get a feel of the place. Great drive from London.

This is called The Bridge of Sighs. Apparently students crossed the bridge to enter examination hall. Everytime they crossed the bridge they heaved a sigh of relief.

Outside the Botanical Garden Cambridge. Although we did not go in looked very nice. We met an Indian student near the garden who, although in Cambridge for only a week was ga ga about the place and its education. I pray that we liberalize the education system in India so that we a larger number of high quality colleges with even surroundings.

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