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1. I visited Dantewada in 2012 & in October 2018. I was happy to know that a Call Centre BPO under the name YUVA had started recently. As on date of visit about 450 boys and girls worked there. It is managed by a private firm. Currently three technology companies operate providing services to banks & telecom companies. View of workstations.

2. This is call centre building named YUVA. If you saw only pic would not think it is in Dantewada, Bastar a town i.e. nearly 400 kms from Raipur in what many think is a completely naxal affected area. Those living in metros like me can never visualise that such a facility could exist in Dantewada. BPO is housed in the government Polytechnic building.

3. Views of operations thru CCTV monitor. YUVA has a capacity of about 1,500 chairs. It started in December 2017. Understand efforts are being made to get more companies to work out of there.

4. Team at work. Office layout and facilities seemed as good as anywhere. YUVA has three leased lines for broadband connectivity Bastarnet, Tracknet and JIO. It is through leased lines that YUVA is connected with the world.

5. Another section at work. Staff paid Rs 8,000/ a month as on date of visit. If they live locally a government bus picks & drops them. If from outside there is a separate girls and boy’s hostel where boarding and lodging is provided by the government at no cost.

6. I did not ask how many BPO employees are adivasi. Honestly does not matter at this point. What is important is that young boys & girls have an avenue for employment. As more and more youngsters get to know about the BPO they will want to join.

7. Candidates go through interview. If HR of company finds they have potential get selected. After that put through about 45 days of training. Training cost is picked by the government.

8. Girl in blue is Megha from village Bacheli district Dantewada. I asked her why she had joined & if family was ok. She said wanted to supplement family income & family supportive and came across as a confident girl. On right of pic in black is Reshma from village Geedam district Dantewada. What helps locals like her is pick up & drop. This way girls feel secure.

9. Boy in blue shirt Santosh from village Gollaguda in Bijapur district (BPO in Dantewada district). I asked him if parents were concerned about his well-being at call centre. He said no problems has a video call with family every night. How do you manage that I asked? Laughed - thanks to JIO.

10. Another view of team at work. Technology allows work to be outsourced to hithero unthought of locations. If we promote call centres like YUVA across India it shall go a long way in providing employment to rural youth, at places closer to their homes, and reduce operating cost for corporates.

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