Kutumsar Caves

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Kutumsar Caves are inside the Kanger Valley National Park. At this point u take a ticket to enter the forest area where lie the caves. It is about 9 kms from here. The Park covers an area of app 200 sq kms, derives its name from the Kanger river that flows throughout its length. Park fauna consists of tiger, panther, wildcat, cheetal, sambar, jackal, sloth bear etc. Best time to visit the park is Feb to June.

This board tells you what to see in this national park. Please keep a full day to see Kutumsar Caves, Kailash Caves, Dandak and Aranyak caves plus Tirathgarh Waterfalls. Suggest u reach there by 10am. I got stuck in Dantewada so reached Kutumsar at 1.30pm. Since it was a holiday was in line for 2 hours after which rushed to see waterfalls, missed seeing other caves. My driver was not helpful either or else might surely have seen one more cave.

It is a kacha road thru dense forests. Lovely. Kept windows up since heavy traffic on holiday meant lots of dust. Preferably take a Vista or a SUV because of kacha road. Entrance point is about a one hour drive from Jagdalpur that in turn is a 6-7 hour drive from Raipur.

This is the board outside the Kutumsar Caves. If you have time take a local guide and walk into the close by villages. Caves are 330 metres long and have formed over many years which led to beautiful stalactite and stalagmite formations inside.

It was Christmas Holiday so packed. About 200 children had come from Saraswati Shishyu Mandir so had to wait in line for 2 hours. Always fun to chat with people even if the chat lasts as long as one is in the line. Went in December. Was quite cold outside but do not need a sweater or jacket in the cave since u generate lots of heat as you walk.

Entrance is small that you see. Note layered rocks. U walk done steps turn left and have to squeeze yourself through a small entrance to enter the cave. Better to carry a torch. Guides are there but if there is heavy traffic all they do is to manage crowd. To read a very good travelogue on caves Click here

After squeezing myself thru a small opening saw this staircase - what a relief. This collection shows pictures of cave as I walked through. At times there was just no light or only bulb.

First view. It is a very long cave, dark and unadulterated as a cave can be. Something special about it as I walked through it. Authorities put a railing for our safety. In centre of pic is a bulb.

I do not understand much about stalactite and stalagmite formations. Here is the first that I saw. Caves closed during monsoons. Rest of year closes by 4pm.

Another walk way in the caves. Seems at some places the rock was actually dug out to make the walk way as I think in this one. There is water all over the walk way so wear appropriate footwear.

Huge walk way in the cave. Here too seems that walk way made broader for tourist. U can see part of pathway is cemented. Always be careful about your steps or you could trip, get injured badly since is all rock below.

Whilst was walking a guide told me to see the ceiling of the cave. He said this design is due to water dripping into the cave. I struggled to click a picture in pitch dark.

Walk way - left is a huge peace of rock. Steps to climb up to see stalactite formations.

Next few pictures are of stalactite and stalagmite formations. This is the first one.

Another pic of stalactite and stalagmite formations. With limited light used my Canon 600 D to the best of our ability.

Another pic of stalactite and stalagmite formations.

Deep inside the cave is a Lord Shiva ki mahima. U have to remove your shoes if u want darshan, there is a guide or Pandit who regulates that. We find our Gods everywhere even in a cave.

Another pic of stalactite and stalagmite formations. Left of pic is railing. U climb steps down from here to enter a huge open area.

This is the huge open area. Note huge rock formation on right. Found experience very fulfilling. Visited Patal Bhubhaneswar (cave) in Kumaon recently so had some idea of what to expect. There devotees use chains to enter the cave because the entrance is steep with no steps.

Tourists walking up towards exit. In pic 7 u saw the steps that took u into the cave. Entrance and exit is one so unless people inside get out authorities do not allow more tourists into the cave. I think they have a cap on the number of people who can be in the cave at any point. Felt rejuvenated after the visit as if had a intense meditation session.

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