Kishtwar In Snow

By Pardeep Parihar | 2015

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Life and snow in Kishtwar. Town is at a height of 5,400 feet.

Pride of Kishtwar- Chowgan (must visit place).

Chowgan is a beautiful play ground in the centre of Kishtwar town.

Chowgan in October. Kishtwar is a huge plateau at 5000 feet plus.

Snow covered terrace farms in Kishtwar. Town has a 1000 year old history. Its first ruler, Kahan Pal, was from Bengal who settled between 900-1000 A.D. Because of him large number of Bengalis settled here and are found to this day.

Snow clad mountains in Kishtwar. U can reach Kishtwar from Jammu and Kashmir Valley. Route is Jammu, Patnitop, Doda, Kishtwar or Srinagar, Verinag, Sinthan Pass to Kishtwar. Both drives are very scenic. The Jammu drive is much shorter - some 7 to 8 hours.

Panoramic view of a village in Kishtwar, Jammu and Kashmir. Town has many hotels, they are clean functional and reasonably priced.

Beautiful view of Kishtwar City.

Snow covered Saffron Fields of Kishtwar. If you are planning a trip to Kishtwar and like some travel tips do write to Pardeep Parihar atClick here . U can call him at 91 9906197523.

Road covered with snow.

Beautiful hills covered with snow, a beautiful scene in Kishtwar.

Snowy greenery at Kishtwar. To know all about Kishtwar Click here

All is covered by snow. Looks very scenic.

White is color of the season, best time to visit Kishtwar. Editor - I visited Kishtwar in October and loved it. Something very nice about it. Highly recommend a visit.

Snowy X-Mas Trees in surroundings of Chowgan in Kishtwar.

Beautiful pic of Chowgan in Kishtwar.

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