Ladakh Festival

By Aroona Bhat | 2011

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Monks wearing CHAMS to word off evil before the beginning of anything auspicious.

Beautiful woman from the Dha Hanu villages

The Polo Grounds was the venue of the inaguration ceremony of the Annual Ladakh Festival. One can see the imposing hills with the old ruins of the castle, supervising the "goings on" at the Polo Grounds

Men sporting the Goncha- an off white double breasted robe & the women wearing the Gonda. On their head is a PERAK, studded with Turquoise beads

Lama`s taking in the view

A little one enjoing the ceremony

Patimo song by artists from the WAKHA MULBECK region

WAKHA MULBEK artists continue their performance

Posing with a KABRO and the Kabro player

The YAK dance

The YAK dance with a white Yak

Press and visitors covering the inagural ceremony

The NYOPA song and dance. Orange robed men.

Dancers from DHA HANU BHIMA cluster. These people are supposed to be the last of the Aryan Race in the world. Picture of women in white costume.

Don’t miss the unique headgear of this beauty from the Aryan Race. Woman with silver beads hanging from her head down to the forhead.

This dance is the MANTOK STANMO from the Nubra Region of Ladakh. Women with red head-dress in silk and brown robes with mojri like footwear.

A decorative horse part of the colourful opening ceremony

Posing with women with the stunning PERAK on their heads

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