People of Leh

By Sanjeev Nayyar | 2016

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During a 10 day trip to Ladakh in August 2016 took these pics. Most women do not allow you to click their pics. This one was sporting. She sits in Ladakh main market. Look at the size of the cauliflower.

This man selling some crystal stone, think removed from river, in main market Leh.

This lady belongs to one of the traditional tribes, sorry do not know name. In main market Leh.

Tibetan lady in main market Leh. She sells necklaces, chains, ear rings - super stuff. Bought for wifey very happy.

Children at the Army Goodwill School Karu i.e. about 50 kms from Leh.

Leh main market road. Saw many girls doing mehendi work on hands / arms of foreigners.

Drive from Chushul to Tso Morri lake - somewhere enroute met this family who ran a highway restaurant. The good thing they had a gas cylinder and served very good tea.

Pani Puri being enjoyed by Atul K in main market Leh. Saw about 5 pani puri stalls in the market. Pani puri, idlis and dosa are now available in virtually every part of the country.

Lady in main market.

Buddhist Lama in main market.

Old lady in main market.

Ladakh is incomplete without the fauj i.e. army. Jawans undergoing training on a ice wall at the Siachen Base camp.

Lady selling fruits in main market.

Old lady selling veggies in main market.

Children of Government School Chushul ie about 3 hours drive from Pangong Lake.

In a monastery somewhere near Durbuk enroute to Pangong Lake.

Devotees had come to the monastery that was restored by the Indian Army.

River rafting on the river Zanskar. Team consisted of NRI from California and Singapore, others from Hyderabad, Chennai and Mumbai. It is a short 1.5 hour raft but great time. Must do. To see pics of People of Manipur Click here

THANKA paintings in main market Leh. To see pics of Children of Arunachal Pradesh Click here

Ladakh attracts tourists from all over. Met tourists from Italy, Brazil, Yugoslavia, Mexico, U.S, Australia. This lady is from Argentina. To see pics of Buddhist devotees from S.E. Asia and Far East in Bodh Gaya Click here

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