Sudh Mahadev Temple

By Sanjeev Nayyar | 2014

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Temple is about 110 kms from Jammu. We left Bhadarwah at about 1ish, then via Patnitop reached temple by about 4.30 ish. From the highway take a 20 odd minute detour inside. U see overview of temple. Temple is 2800 years old. To read how the place where Goddess Parvati used to worship a shivling came to be known as Sudhmahadev Click here

Drive through Patnitop / deodhar trees was very scenic. ''The shivling and remains of the trishul can still be seen at the temple. The temple has a Dhooni (eternal flame) to commemorate the spiritual attainments of Baba Roop Nath who is said to have attained Samadhi here about several thousands years ago.''

Board outside temple. Current temple was made by Chaudhari Ramdas and his son about 80 years ago.

Trishul of Lord Shiva. ''The temple enshrines the three pieces of the "Holy Trishul" used by Lord Shiva to protect Goddess Parvati from the demon Sudheet.''

Image of Baba Bhairavji ie placed in front of the Trishul of Shivji. Captions taken from JKDharmarth Trust site, dhanyavad. Near Udhmapur mssed seeing Krimchi temple complex. 11-12th century temples.

From the temple you see Mantalai ie associated with the marriage of Shivji with Parvati. There is a small temple here. As a Shiv Bhakht consider myself blessed to have visited Sudh Mahadev. "Har Har Mahadev, SudhMahadev, Bam Bam Bole, Har Har Mahadev, SudhMahadev, Bam Bam Bole, Har Har Mahadev, SudhMahadev, Bam Bam Bole"

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