Elephants Ornaments Thrissur Pooram

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One of the principal attraction during Thrissurpooram are elephants and their ornaments. These were displayed at Kausthubam Hall and Paramekkavvu Temple Agrasala. What you see is overview of display at Kausthubam Hall. In centre and at end of pic is image of Lord Krishna. In front you Vadam (rope). Thrissur Pooram is considered to be the Mother of all Poorams.

During festival elephants are dressed up with ornaments. Cloth above wooden stick is called KUDA as is green colored umbrella. This is left side of hall. To know all about festival Click here

A view of umbrellas just as we entered hall. ''The Thrissur Pooram, celebrated in the Malayalam month Of Medom (April-May) is a grand assembly of Gods and Goddesses in and around Thrissur. These Gods and Goddesses make their visit to the Vadakumnathan Temple premises on caparisoned elephants accompanied by grand ensembles of Chenda melam and pancha vadyam''.

Close up view of umbrellas, note the design and intricate work. There are 10 temples that take part in this Pooram. The procession and rituals are managed in such a way that all have energy for the 36 hour festival.

What you see in gold color is face mark (Nettipattam). In green (Aalavattam) and white (Venchamaram) is held by those who sit on the elephant. Everytime a certain tune is played they stand up. Thrissur Puram is 200 years young. Earlier the biggest temple festival in Kerala was Arattupuzha pooram. To see pics Click here

Golden color thing is called Nettipattam (face mark), fixed on elephant as u will see later. 2 main participitants in the Pooram festival are the Thiruvambady and Paramekkavvu Temples. In former the main deity is Sreekrishna (Partha sarathy). The temple was earlier in Edakkalathur near Guruvayoor. Devotees eloped with the idol during a communal rite and handed over to Kachanappilly Namboodiri family here.

Close up with image of Thidampu (deity) i.e. Sri Krishna in centre referred to in earlier caption. Round green color made of peacock feathers is called Aalavattam. Below that white hair like thing is called Venchamaram. To know more about Thiruvambady Temple Click here

View of umbrellas on right side of hall. ''The grand show of temples in vicinity of the vast Vadakkumnathan temple was started in its present form by the great visionary, Sakthan Thampuran, the ruler of Cochin State.'' Friends it an experience of a life time. Do visit atleast once in this life.

Close up of umbrella. Note the design esp. the snake hood.

This is on top of every umbrella, is shining could see my reflection in it.

On display different designs and colors of umbrellas (kuda). One of the attractions of Thrissur Pooram is the different types of umbrellas.

On display different designs and colors of umbrellas (kuda).

I then moved to the hall at Paramekkavu Bagavathy Temple. In temple ground were numerous elephants, they were being given a bath. When the cleaner wants to get off the elephant he signals to elephant who puts has foot up to enable the cleaner to slip down. To know more about Elephants Click here

On puram day decorated elephants outside Paramekkavu temple. Music, being played by those standing in front of elephants, is called Chenda Melam or Percussion Rhythm.

Now entered the hall of Paramekkavu temple. Overview of display on ground. Pink color rope (Vadam) that u see with bells is tied around the elephant''s neck.

Image in centre is that of deity Bhagavati (is a form of Sakthi workship). Top green is called Aalavattam made out of peacock feathers. Below green white is called Venchamaram. Golden color below that is face mark (Nettipattam).

On the first floor is a huge collection of umbrellas (kuda), one better than the other. They are displayed at five levels.

Note the intricate work. During the Pooram Finale elephants on both sides keep on changing their umbrellas. We present that collection separately.

I did not touch but it seems like brass on right umbrella. Naga (serpent) are worshiped in Kerala. ''The temple for Naga is called ''Nagathara''. Nagaraja idol will have a shape of coiled serpent with a raised hood. Erstwhile kerala is known as “Ahibhoomi” (the land of Serpents).This the oldest form of idol worship is connected to serpentine power (Kundalini Sakthi) ''.

Some more decorative umbrellas (kuda). To know more about Temples and Deities Click here

Umbrellas have innovative designs. Was told that work on umbrella design and preparation starts immediately after current Pooram is over. To see pics of Sree Bharata Temple Click here

This rope (Vadam) is tied around elephant''s neck. Also saw ghungroos tied around elephant feet, loved it. To see pics of Shankara Janam Shetra at Kalady Click here

Some more colorful umbrellas. To see pics of Children of Arunachal Pradesh Click here

Some more colorful umbrellas. To see pics of Deities of Ladakh Click here

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