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1. Vivekananda Birthday Procession. Inspired by the ideal & message preached by Sri Ramakrishna n Swami Vivekananda, a group of devotees started a centre in Chalapuram, Kozhikode in 1930. This was affiliated to the Ramakrishna Mission in 1943 n Swami Nirvikarananda was the first monk to head the centre.

2. School assembly. In 1953, the school was started. Its start was inspired by the work of Sister Nivedita.

3. Pranams to Swami Vivekananda. In 2000, a higher secondary division was started. The school has a strength of about 3500 students of which about half are girls. All these students are from underprivileged families.

4. Inside the temple. There is a nice temple in the ashrama that can easily accommodate about 100 devotees. The ashrama also runs a polyclinic that caters to the healthcare needs of the local underprivileged population.

5. Inspiring the Young. The Sevashrama also runs a kindergarten named ‘Vivekananda Junior School’.

6. Interactive Multimedia Classes. The school is from first to twelfth standard. Out of 3,194 students 57.23% are boys.

7. Eminent Persons Sharing their Expertise. The school gets an aid from the government for the salaries of the teachers but has to meet the huge expenditure of maintenance from the donations from the public. You can donate for any of the activities of the Sevashrama here: https://rkmkozhikode.org/donate/

8. Locals waiting for medical camp. The ashrama runs the Vivekananda Polyclinic where treatment is offered to the underprivileged throughout the year at concessional rates. The polyclinic is funded by the public. In addition to regular outpatient department, regular medical camps are held. The polyclinic has departments of general medicine, physiotherapy, dermatology, cardiology, pathology, X-ray, n dental.

9. Dental treatment in progress. The dental clinic has two dental chairs with three dentists and two dental assistants. All kinds of dental treatments including all fixtures are done here.

10. Physiotherapy in progress. The clinic has a full-fledged physiotherapy and rehabilitation clinic where all kinds of physiotherapy treatment including weight management are done.

11. Eye check-up. Regular eye check-up camps are conducted. Our address-Ramakrishna Mission Sevashrama, PO Government Arts and Science College, Kannancherry, Near Vattakinar, Kozhikode, Kerala 673018 India Telephone: 0091-495-2960191 Mobile: 0091-8590615001 Email: kozhikode@rkmm.org

12. Checking spectacles number. The eye check-up camp also provides spectacles.

13. Sonography in progress. Ultrasonography is also provided in the clinic.

14. Taking blood sample. The clinic has a well-equipped pathology department.

15. Inauguration of new block of the polyclinic. In 2016, a new block of the polyclinic was inaugurated.

16. Scouts and Guides and Cubs and Bulbuls. The school has active departments of the scouts and guides and the cubs and bulbuls who conduct various activities throughout the year.

17. Ready to Serve! The scouts, guides, cubs, and bulbuls are ready to serve any time.

18. Cultural Events. The school has the pride of having a vibrant cultural department that hosts various events throughout the year.

19. Traditional Panchavadya. Every event of the school has the traditional panchavadya, five musical instruments that are the pride of Kerala.

20. Vivekananda Procession. Students joyously repeat the powerful sayings of Swami Vivekananda through the roads of Kozhikode.

21.Youth Day. Swami Vivekananda’s birthday is celebrated as the National Youth Day and grand events involving important local personalities are conducted every year.

22. Preparing the Future Generations. The monks inspire students with life-giving messages from Indian heritage.

23. Traditional Art Forms. The students happily perform traditional art forms.

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