KAAS Plateau of Flowers Satara

By Santosh Thanekar thanekarsn@gmail.com | 2019

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1. Colourful Kaas Plateau ie known as Maharashtra`s Valley of Flowers. It is 30kms from Satara ie 150kms from Pune. If u leave Mumbai at 6.30am reach in about 6 hrs.

2. View from our hotel. From Satara one drives uphill to reach the plateau.

3. Colourful, clouds and mountains in the background.

4. Please help with flower names.

5. Please help with flower names. It is a UNESCO World Heritage site.

6. Please help with flower names.

7. It is said that this carpets changes its colours every 10-15 days, depending upon the dominant flowers during that particular time.

8. Pic of probably Kanher Dam. Sahayadri Ranges are a delight to visit during the monsoons. Wish MTDC promoted the region outside Maharashtra.

9. Please help with flower names.

10. Please help with flower names. Best time to visit is between mid Sept to mid Oct. If you go on a weekend expect lots of crowds.

11. Photographers at work. Santosh Nimbalkar (extreme right) organises these tours from Mumbai. Done number of tours with him very good. His number is 91 92235 38236, 91 93201 77731.

12. The plants come alive at the advent of monsoon, and once the monsoons is over it is left in dried branches. This pattern is followed for regularly for 6 years and suddenly in the seventh year the plant explodes into the mass flowering dominating the other plant species.

13. Clouds and flowers is what we enjoyed. Also visit Thoseghar Waterfalls. It is 20 kms from Satara.

14. Some more flowers. Lots to see in Satara. “Forts like Pandavgad, Sadashivgad, Vasantgad, Vasota and Ajinkyatara are very popular tourist sites. It is home to places like Adalatwada, Rajawada, Bansapuri-Math, and Char-Bhinti. Furthermore, 97 temples and seven lakes add to the beauty of this region.”

15. Please help with captions. “The other attraction in the city is the Chhatrapati Shivaji Museum. This museum holds artefacts like weapons, clothes and glass paintings from the 17th and 18th century. The descendants of the royal Bhosale family still live in Satara.”

16. Having filled water local ladies going home.

17. More flowers. Area has lots of windmills too.

18. Please help with flower names.

19. Please help with flower names.

20. Please help with flower names. For details where to stay https://www.maharashtratourism.gov.in/treasures/heritage/kaas-pathar

21. Kaas Plateau is famous for its flaura and fauna - plants. For a good travelogue http://www.placesnearpune.com/2010/09/kaas-plateau-maharashtra-valley-of-flowers/

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