Pandharpur Ringan

By Milind Luhar | 2015

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"An important event that occurs during journey is ‘Ringan’. Literal meaning is circle. In this event, the horse rider travelling in front, offers his prayers by coming back to the Palakhi – carrying Paduka, with Varkari singing on both sides of path." U see Ringan. This pic downloaded from the net, presented so you get an idea of Ringan. Esamskriti takes no credit nor does it have copyright for this pic. We thank the photographer for an excellent pic. U can see 2 horses in front part of pic.

Before this scene "This is a beautiful scene to watch when lakhs of Varkari prepare path for the horse rider within minutes and the horse reaches to the palakhi and returns within blink of eyes. When this starts all Varkari start singing Abhangs louder and everything starts getting the heavenly feeling." To see pics that captures this caption by Deepak Gaikwad see Click here

Varkaris waiting for Ringan to start. They also perform a tradition folk dance called FUGDI which energizes them.

A young varkari at the Ringan event. To read Unique features of the WARI Click here

Palkhi of Sant Tukaram Maharaj. There is another palkhi of Sant Dyaneshwar, could not take that pic. "Tukaram, arguably the greatest poet in the Marathi language. Tukaram''s genius partly lies in his ability to transform the external world into its spiritual analogue." To know all about Sant Tukaram Click here

Horse rider in front of the palkhi. To see more pics of Pandharpur Wari by Saurabh C Click here

A close up of padukas in the palkhi.

Images of Rukhmini and Vitthala. To see pics of Rukmini Temple in Gujarat Click here

Thousands of devotees proceeding to Pandharpur. To read all about Vithoba of Pandharpur Click here

Lady holds image of Varkari. To see more pics of Pandhari WariClick here

Varkari yatra. So much devotion. Walking 250 kms is not a joke. To see pics of Vrindavan Click here

Close up of Vitthala. To see pics of Dwarkadish Mandir in Gujarat Click here

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