Imphal War Cemetery

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There are two war cemeteries in Imphal. U see entrance to first one. This is the final resting place of over 1600 Commonwealth soldiers. The second is the Indian Army War Cemetery.

Garden is maintained by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission. Board tells you about the wars in Imphal and around during World War 2.

Gate is centre. View on right as you enter. On pieces of stone that you see is given name of soldier and other details as you will see in next pic.

Self-explanatory. Died at the age of 21.

View of right hand side end of ground.

In memory of H V Turner.

A closer view.

Newly made Manipur Legislative Assembly.

U see KOIRENGEI Airfield. It was used by the British during World War II. 'It was the site of main camp for refugees fleeing Burma after the Japanese took over in 1942 . The airfield was also a strategic location for receiving supplies and reinforcement during the Battle of Imphal in 1944'. To read more about the Battle of Imphal Click here

Flowers in the newly made Manipur High Court. Place is very neat and clean - went in November 2014. It is at some distance from Imphal city. To read about Imphal and INA Click here

View of the very elegantly made Manipur High Court.

Board at Imphal Indian Army War Cemetery. To read about the Air Battle during WWII Click here

Overview of cemetery. White structures that you see is Imphal Cremation Memorial.

Piece of land that does not have grass is where 868 Hindu and Sikh soldiers were cremated. In such little space the final ceremony was completed.

Close view of the Imphal Cremation Memorial. Name of those who made the supreme sacrifice are engraved here, see next three pics. People from many countries visited Manipal for first time during WWII. To read about it Click here

Jawans are from Gorkha Rifles, Royal Indian Army Service Corps, Indian Army Medical/Ordinance Corps and Corps on Indian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers. Used the word Jawan for want of a better word. In case of any error no offense meant. To see pics of Thrissur Pooram festival Kerala Click here

Jawans are from The Indian Armoured Corps, The Royal Regiment of Indian Artillery, The Corps of Royal Indian Engineers, Sappers & Miners Madras/Bengal/Bombay, Indian Signal Corps, The First and Second Punjab Regiment. To see pics of Jaswant Garh War Memorial in Arunachal Click here

Jawans from Indian Pioneer Corps, Indian Army Corps of Clerks and General Service Corps, Indian State Forces of Tehri Garwhal/Gwalior/Bikaner/Patiala/Tripura. Also from Royal Indian Air Force and Assam Rifles. To see pics of War Memorial Raniket Click here

Abdul H of Jat Regiment. To see pics of Chittorgarh Fort Click here

At the opening ceremony of Manipur Polo International 2014 (held as part of Sangai Festival) u see THANG TA, the traditional Manipuri Martial Art. They are fighting with sword and spear. To see pics of traditional sport in Punjab called Gatka Click here

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