Moreh Border

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Moreh town is 110 kms from Imphal. It is a very scenic drive as we shall see. On the Myanmar side town is called Tamu. When you cross the gate you enter Myanmar.

View enroute. We left at 6 to reach Moreh by 9 ish. Lots of fog - it was end November.

View from Tengnoupal ie the highest point enroute to Moreh. It is 69 kms from Imphal. Very very scenic.

This is a local home. Note it is at a slight height like most homes in Arunachal Pradesh. Few minutes away is the Khudengthabi Baptist Church.

Bamboo trees like these seen all along the way. Road very good.

I crossed the border into Tamu. Over a hundred shops selling garments, crockery, chilies and what not. This shop sells plastic crockery and cutlery. Owner told me quality of Indian products is better but Chinese products cheaper plus Indians have craze for foreign goods.

Betel Nuts is bought by India in large quantities and then sent to other parts of India. Note when you cross border take a slip from the Burmese checkpost on payment of Rs 10/. It is valid for one day. We did so, took share a auto and went to local market. Market unimpresssive. Roads very clean.

Chillies and Lasun in great demand in India. So far as perishable commodities is concerned anything which Myanmar has which is in short supply in India gets bought. On payment of Rs 300/ at the official checkpost you can drive into Myanmar for the day.

Another shop selling home stuff. In Tamu is a revered monastery, top of a hill, we did not know so missed seeing it. Tourists drive in and out of the border to go there.

Money changer originally from Bihar and Local. Moreh has Tamilians both Hindus and Muslims, Marwaris, Punjabis and Manipuris. I had lovely dosas there for breakfast.

In Tamu Burmese lady selling veggies. Loved the look with cap. Best part this lady was smiling every time I saw her.

Milk powder in huge demand. Most shops ladies did not want to be photographed thus would move from seat. Shops also sell TV and Air Conditioner.

Shopkeeper doing mantra jaap, sells mainly torches and small electronic items.

Seeing me click the earlier pic this Nepali lady shouted click me as well. Lots of Nepalis on both sides of the border, some of them have Burmese spouses and family in India as well.

Most sporting girl in the market - allowed me to click thrice till I took this one. All Burmese ladies apply a paste on their cheeks to protect skin from the heat. Paste is made out of multani mitti.

Lots of furniture shops in Moreh. Famous Burma Teak comes from Myanmar whilst shops are in Moreh. Labour is Burmese.

Local Tamilian with Burma teak door, image of Ganesha in front. Doors sent to various parts of India. If you want to place order call Shekhar 0387 2264772.

Another door.

This is how the artwork is done - Burmese labour earn about Rs 350-400 per day.

Sky was clear on drive back - you see view.

Lovely roads, climb not steep.

Tata Sky Dish in a village house. Every house that I saw enroute had a dish tv antennae.

We stopped by on return again at Tengnoupal. There was a motor cycle rally as part of the Sangai Festival - you see some participitants with their Royal Enfield Bikes. Sangai Festival is held from 21-30th November every year in Imphal. Worth a visit. Programs start about 4.30 pm - keep first four days, super cultural programs.

Village somewhere on way back. Entire route found to be very green and saw clean villages/homes.

Dense forests in most places as you see.

Flowers somewhere enroute.

I just loved the look of this Burmese lady - this time with her son.

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