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Whenever I travel for festivals try to click pictures of different type of people. Attended the wow Sangai Festival in November 2014. This collection has some pics of people I met in festival and in various parts of the State. Youngsters in Sangai Festival ground. Girl on the extreme left seems full of life. Girls readily agreed to let me click.

At the newly made Manipur High Court. Seems ladies were waiting for a visiting dignitary when I requested for a pic. First look might appears ladies wearing a sari. Actually there are 3 garments.One is tied around the waist called PHANEK. Above blouse what is tied round like a sari is called INAPHI. Since this is a formal occasion I think what they wore is a formal top garment called MAYEKNAIVI. Please correct if mistake.

Fish is an important part of Manipuri diet. Pic in IMA Market Imphal. Lots of ladies sell fish in and outside the market.

I visited the War Cemetery in Imphal when saw these school children outside the gate. To see pics of cemetery Click here

I was driving to Loktak Lake. About 16 kms from Imphal is a India Peace Memorial made by the Japanese. Saw this couple outside the memorial early morning.

Tamilian, resident of border town Moreh. Makes teak wood doors and sends to various parts of India. To see pics of Moreh Click here

Manipuri textiles shop in one of the stalls in Sangai Festival. Sell cushion covers, door matts, table mats etc super stuff. Lady in centre with saree and smiling is the dynamic Jibanlataji. She deals with various women cooperatives etc. If you like to buy something mail In case you cannot get through mail me

Met this lady in the IMA Market. She loved being clicked and immediately wanted to see her pic. When I take such pics gives me tremendous joy and satisfaction.

U see a very popular Manipuri artist by the name MANGKA. She dances very well and is popular on FB. Visit her impressive face book page Click here

Next to where I was staying was a local temple. When a family member passes away Shraddha Ceremony held in the afternoon where lunch is served, sometimes it is snacks and chanting as we shall see later. Earlier lunch was served in banana leaves now steel plates.

At Fashion Show on day nine of the Sangai Festival. Marriage dress of Meitei bride and groom. Have to no words to express appreciation.

Close up of Meitei bride in marriage dress.

At Loktak Lake. The man runs a boat service from an island Karang i.e. in the lake to the road from where vehicles take you to Moirang.

Dhol Dholok Cholam. Performance by Manipur Cultural Ashram on day 8 of festival. Wow to say the least.

College girls in Kangla Fort. To see pics of Kangla Fort Click here

U see Imomacha Hrisnam, the compere for each of the ten days of the Sangai Festival. Spoke very very well, in English and Manipuri both. He was nice enough to give me details of each performance which am using for photo captions esp in Sangai Festival collection.

Enroute to Loktak Lake is Vishnu Temple. Saw these kids playing football in the garden there. To see pics of Loktak Lake Click here

Next to where I was staying saw major cooking happening one morning. It was a special meal where food is cooked by Brahmins.

Of all the ladies I saw in the IMA Market this one was the most efficient, organised and dignified. She sells various types of Manipuri sweets.

Took this in garden where locals had food stalls. Sangai Festival is held in BOAT a mini amphitheatre, garden is outside.

These girls welcomed guests on the opening day of the Manipur Polo event that form part of Sangai Festival, held at the Royal Polo grounds.

A family enjoying the Sangai Festival. Virtually everyone I requested for permission to click said yes. People very friendly.

Young boys in the shop that sold cane products, Manipur is famous for cane stuff.

Formal dress of a Meitei man and woman.

Tribe from Senapati district performing on day 3 of festival. Please help with name.

Manipuri Classical Dance, so colourful so graceful. Am lucky to be at Sangai Festival.

Lady belonging to Kuki tribe. She came in a different dress every day and sportingly allowed us to click.

Youngsters displaying local garments during Fashion Show on day one of the festival.

Youngsters displaying local garments during Fashion Show on day one of the festival.

Fashion Show on day nine of the festival.

Youngsters displaying local garments during Fashion Show on day one of the festival.

This is LHOUSHA Dance by Maring tribe is considered to be one of the most beautiful performing dance of tribals in India. The dance is derived from an indigenous game of war ie shon-la. When a Lhoubha defeated his enemy, he would jump in the form of a dance. Music accompanying the dance would get you pepped up in your seat. Loved it.

Fashion Show on day nine of the festival. These guys are good enough to model. Meitei traditional dress of youth.

Performance of tribe from Tamenglong district on day 4 of festival. If know name of tribe please mail.

Bamboo Dance. It is Thadok Kuki Cultural Troupe from Churachandpur district. Correct me if wrong. To see pics of Tribes of Nagaland Click here

Youngsters displaying local garments during Fashion Show on day one of the festival. Garments worn by the Meiti community on display. To see pics of Children of Arunachal Pradesh Click here

At entrance to BOAT. They had a tough job of checking everyone''s bags and controlling crowds. Always saw them smiling. To see pics of Indigenous Games of Manipur Click here

PUNG CHOLOM. Performance by Thoubal District Art and Culture Development. To see pics of Manipur Polo Sangai Click here

In KANGLA Fort you see statue of Maharaja Bheigyachandra,founder and pioneer of Sanatana Dharma. Development of Classical Dance and culture of Meitei Hindus is credited to him. Pranams to Maharajji. To see pics of Ujjayanta Palace Agartala Click here

At Moirang had gone to see the INA Museum. Whilst walking out heard loud chanting so walked into this hall. Shraddha Ceremony was in progress with people u see in centre of pic chanting and those who come to offer their condolences sitting around them. Only those with appropriate dress could enter the hall so I stood at entrance. It was customary to give a packet of dry snacks to all who came. I prayed for the departed soul. To see pics of INA Museum Click here

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