Sangai Festival 2014 Part 2

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This is part 2 of the Sangai Festival 2014 photo collection. U see very popular Bamboo Dance. Different tribes perform dance differently as you will see in part 1. Here note the women garment,there are 4 boys adjusting the bamboos and design is almost like a square. This is last performance on day 5 of 10 day festival. To see pics of part 1 Click here

Cultural programs on day 6 were by artists from Chandel district of Manipur. It started with a Fashion Show where young boys and girls sported traditional outfits. Most invariably drew strong cheers from crowds.

This couple got crowds to laugh for obvious reasons. It was not possible for me to know names of individual tribes who performed that evening so captions are artist from Chandel district. If you can help with details of tribe name and dance, happy to incorporate.

Performance by tribe from Chandel district. Note clothing - interesting. It is called Sangai Festival "after a deer which is found in the 40 sq km area of Keibul Lamjai National Park also famous as the only floating national park in the world. It is close to Moirang ie some 45 kms from Imphal. The Sangai (a deer awaiting and looking at you) is popularly known as Manipur Brow-antlered Deer or Dancing Deer of Manipur. " To read more Click here

Another tribal dance.

Boys in this group wearing what can go as a dhoti though not sure if it is 100% similar.

Note girls dress. Wish had taken a close up of girls necklace.

This dance has to do with harvesting time.

This pic has all who took part in the Fashion Show.

We now move to day 7. I think this is Khongjom Parva - Kanglei Sheishaklon Shindamshang. Please correct if wrong.

NATA CHOLOM - performance by The Nata Sangeet Academy and Research Centre. "Pung Cholom is also known as Mrindanga Kirtan or Dhumal or Dram dance. This dance is performed by only males either as integral parts of Nata Sankirtan or independently in front of social gathering. When it is a part of Nata, two players participate in its performance, but as an independent dance performance at least 14 players follow the sequence of Nata Sankirtan."

Close up during performance. Caption of earlier pic taken from and to read more Click here

Performance is very pleasing to the eye, a treat to watch. The drum is called Mrindanga. Extreme left of pic brass bit is called Mandila. "The movements at initial stage are soft, but later on become momentous and vigorous. The performers wear a special type of turban, which they drop by their flicking of heads and with their movements".

Performing in the air is one of the highlights. "Pung Cholom is folk art form with a combination of sound and movement. The movements sometimes demands acrobatics abilities & stamina. There is a wonderful blending of the interplay of intricate rhythms and cross rhythms used with varying time from the slow to the quick."

Taal Nachom - Manipuri dance performance by Manipuri Jagoi Marup. It is a leading Manipuri Dance performing troupe of India founded by late Guru Padmashri Amubi Singh in the year 1963." They have given more than 7000 performances in India and abroad. Also invited to perform at Rashtrapati Bhawan.

Manipuri dance is about movement of hands and feet than of the head. To see a short movie on Taal Nachom, super with music Click here

Info provided by Festival Compere ''Taal Nachom is another harmonious pattern of dancing. It refreshes the visions and realities left by our great Gurus in the form of different Punglons of Nata Sankritana in the tune of many and varied Taals. This classical composition is on the waves of 4 well-known taals ie 1. Rusrataal 28 beats. 2. Taalchap 8 beats. 3. Tintaal 14 beats 4. Menkup - 6 beats."

"As such from among the many 4 Taals and Punglons have been exalted in our present production Taal Naachom as if in the process of forming a garland. Taal Naachom ensures Shringar raasa."

Colourful and grace personified. Please help with captions.

Artists behind standing on their feet. No words to express.

This is THANG TA, the traditional martial art of Manipur that have been carried on for generations. Performance by Malem Apunba Thang-Ta Maheikol. To see pics of Indigenous Games of Manipur Click here

This was very interesting - shows a young girl dealing with boys who come to attack and trouble her. It is something that girls all over India must see.

Start of day 8 starts with Experimental Fusion Music performance by Yumjao Mayum Living Art Academy. Enjoyed the music. Note instruments being used.

A close up. Not sure if not using color lights would have meant a better to watch performance. It would have made photographer''s job easier for sure.

This dance form is called HOZAGIRI. Cultural performance by artists from Paharpur Lukoranjan Sakha, Tripura. Bottle on head and plates in hand. Is performed by Riang tribe. To read about Hozagiri Dance Click here

See right of pic. In all this girl on top has a bottle on her head that she has to balance. "Dance is performed on occasion of Hojagiri festivals or Laxmi Puja held generally third day after Dussehra. The Goddess Mailuma, (Laxmi) is worshipped with full reverence and devotion on this day. The whole of the Huk or Jhum cultivation is exhibited through this dance."

Girl in centre keeping her feet on each of the pots bends as she does. Body must be really flexible and requires hours of practice. This is a all women dance, men play musical instruments. To see video of Hozagiri dance Click here

Cultural Performances by artists from Thailand. Note their garments and dancing style.

Man wears dhoti in Thai style. To see pictures of Hindu Temples in Bangkok Click here

In Bangkok there is a daily show on the history and culture of Thailand. Amazing. To see pics of the Siam Niramit show Click here

A close up - see necklace and garment. To see pictures of Emerald Buddha Temple Bangkok Click here

DHOL DHOLAK CHOLOM by Manipur Cultural Ashram. "Age old festival of Yaoshang was merged with Holi, the festival of colours, on introduction of Vaishnavism. It is accompanied by devotional songs and dances. Post advent of Vaishnavism, Sankirtan or the worship of Lord Krishna and Radha through the medium of music and dance, became the most powerful expression of Bhaktirasa".

Perform with such ease and grace. During Holi in temple courtyards band of Holi-kirtan groups run along to perform such typical kirtan - drummers, cymbal players and banner carriers singing glories of Lord Krishna.

For this pic ran to one end of the stage. Wonder why did not do so earlier. "During the festival of Yaoshang, Dhol Dholak Cholom is performed using the dhol, the dholak and a variety of drums."

This pic shows you grandeur of Sangai Festival. "Dressed in colourful costumes, the drummers play a spectrum of rhythms and perform acrobatic feats simultaneously. The dance beautifully combines vigour and grace."

Artist form a circle to keep dhols in the centre. To read about the dance Click here

Playing in the air. This is different from Pung Sholom that you saw in collection one. To see video of Dhol Dholak Cholom at Sangai Festival 2014 Click here

Day 9 started with a Fashion Parade. These artists performed during the parade.

Marriage dress of Meitei bride and groom. Was stunned by the garments and their look. Wow.

Swami Vivekananda gi Ningshing Eshei with Jagoi performance by Meitei Traditional Dance Teaching School and Performing Centre. Swami Vivekananda Memorial Song was sung, have it on paper too long to put in caption.

Part of dance. Please help with caption.

Part of dance. Please help with caption.

Part of dance. Please help with caption.

Part of dance. Please help with caption.

Leichal (Pung and Pala Cholom) by Guru Thanil Manipuri Culture Academy. Info given by festival compere ''The Leichal is a cholom performed by Pung and Pala artist in coordination. It has developed from the Manipuri Nata Sangkirtana (Nupa Pala) text."

Lovely. "It is mainly drawn from Main, Tanchap and Mainkup of Nata-Sankirtana for the stage performance. The taals used in this piece are from Main Duitaal Maatra 16, Main Duitaal Sekher Maatra 7, from Tanchap Maatra 8 of Ektaal and from Mainkup Maatra 6 of Ektaal''.

So graceful.

Performance in the air is the best part of such performances. Got the audience to chant wow wow.

Day 10. First had closing function attended by PM Modi. Unfortunately could not get security permission to go into media circle and did not want to sit at a distance. I think this is a performance by artists of Ima Leishem, Wangkhei Hijam Leirak, Imphal.

This is a Meitei dance and has something to with Shri Krishna and Radha. Please help with details.

Please help with caption.

Please help with caption.

Grand Finale - presentation on the theme Manipuri Culture. Choreographer N.Tiken Singh. This is the story of SANGAI, the endangered deer after whom the festival is named.

Please help with caption. To see pics of Khajuraho Dance Festival Click here

Please help with caption. To see pics of Tribes of Nagaland Click here

Please help with caption. To see pics of Kangla Fort Imphal Click here

Please help with caption. To see pics of Loktak Lake Moirang Click here

Please help with caption. To see pics of Moreh border town Click here

An overview of the Grand Finale. To see pics of Handlooms and Textiles of Manipur Click here

A close up of artists in the centre. I had a super 10 days at Sangai Festival and recommend that you go too. U can spend day time travelling around to return by 4 pm. It is daylight by about 5 am so leave early so u have about 11 hours to see around. Do visit Manipur, lovely people music and dance.

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