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Since school days had read of Cherrapunjee, a place that gets amongst the highest rainfall in the world. I was fortunate to visit in December 2014. This collection shows you the Ramakrishna Mission School in Cherrapunjee, considered to be amongst the if not the best school in the state of Meghalaya. Pic taken early morning - note how sun''s rays change building color.

The school was started in 1931. This is the rear side of the main school. It has app 900 students from classes 4 to 12. Took share a Sumo from Shillong to Cherrapunjee. Lovely drive cost Rs 130/ per head one way. Cherrapunjee is at a height of 4500 feet overlooking vast plains of Sylhet district in Bangladesh.

This is the original school building. Loved the look. Besides the school there is a medical facility, tribal museum, computer training facility, dairy, baking facility, stitching. I call it a integrated township where most of the needs are taken care in-house. Also has weaving facility so local ladies can earn money and a tribal culture museum.

Early morning assembly. This group was only class 11 and 12th since others were on holiday post exams.

Students singing the national anthem. Foundation for the Central Administrative Office building at Cherrapunjee was laid by first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru.

Happy to see large number of girls. All over the North-East found women folk to be more confident and brighter than men. A local told me the entire north-east is SHAKTI area.

Area behind the school, road takes you to Shillong. Early morning sun rays gives the ground a different color.

Well laid out classrooms with lots of light. Maths class in session. Found the teachers I spoke to very dedicated. A number of them asked why I was clicking school ka pics. I told them these pics were meant to show the world what a good facility RKM Cherrapunjee had created.

A Digital Classroom in session. Very happy to see this.

Class in session. Left of pic girl who has covered her face did not, like many other girls, want to be clicked. Seeing this class brought back memory of my school days.

Computer training room. Dedication of the RKM Swamis and staff is to be admired. There is love and compassion in all their work.

These words are eternal and reinforced what I have learnt over the years. Knowledge is Never Lost. I keep on reading various subjects, sometimes topics that have no relevance to work but because I like the topic read. To my surprise such reading became useful whilst writing articles and also broadened my horizon.

Board in school to know all about Cherrapunjee, The Abode of Clouds. Something very nice about the place, very calm and serene. In December was very cold too.

This is how Cherrapunjee looked when there was a hailstorm in 2009. Original pic in Tribal Culture Museum of RKM school. Cherrapunjee has super stone gorges noted among which are Riat-Maw-lew, Maw-Laiklieh and Riat-U-Shain.

Note how the girl on the right has her eyes on the book of girl next to her.

A few kms away from school is Open Cast Mining of Coal. Original pic in Tribal Culture Museum. The Museum beautifully documents culture and heritage of various tribal societies of several North-Eastern states.

Here biscuits, bread etc are baked. Also see Mawsmai Cave, noted waterfalls like Nohkalikai and Mawsmai. Lots of coal and limestone found plus presence of various fossils had led geologists to believe this this place was once upon a time under deep sea.

Here local women come to weave shawls etc. I bought a woolen cap from the school shop. Very well knit and warm.

50 kms from RKM Cherrapunjee is RKM school at Shella i.e. close to the Bangladesh border. If I remember correctly about 500 children study here. Facility started in 1924 by Ketaki Maharaj. He started a primary school and health centre. In 1931 foundation for another school was laid. The School was upgraded to a High School in 1939.

Shella is a small village on banks of river. This is Ramakrishna Mission Mandir. Went on Saturday so school closed.

Image of Swami Vivekananda in RKM Cherrapunjee. One Man inspired lakhs of people. What a Man-power of thought!

Board tells you about work being done by Ramakrishna Mission Ashrama in Meghalaya. Along with sub-centres the Mission teaches app 9,500 students in the State.

This pic in the tribal museum tell you which tribe occupies which parts of Meghalaya and about tribes.

Culture and Heritage of Meghalaya. Most people converted to Christianity - this showcases the local Indian tradition.

Pattern of dwelling houses - pic in Tribal Museum that is part of school. To see pics of Royal Citadel Hampi Karnataka Click here

Doctor prescribing medicines at Charitable Dispensary. Saw large number of locals coming for medical treatment. They also run two Mobile Medical units and an Audio Visual unit. To see pics of Tigers of Kanha National Park in Madhya Pradesh Click here

Medicines being given at the counter. They also distribute blankets. To see pics of Wollens in Munisyari Kumaon Click here

X Ray machine. There is also a laboratory for pathological tests. Functional and impressive medical facilities. School has a very impressive library as well. To see pics of Chittorgarh Fort Click here

Message of Swami Vivekananda - a Man whose words and thoughts inspired millions to this day. To see pics of VKV Tafragam Click here

Students Hostel - building on right ie outside school is an indoor stadium. Homes and common areas in Cherrapunjee very clean. Missed tasting delicious banana with charming fragrance and orange honey grown in the vicinity of Cherrapunjee. There are app 115 boarders.

Tailoring unit where uniforms are stitched. Done in-house convenient and cheaper. To see pics of Ramakrishna Mission School at Along, Arunachal Pradesh Click here

Evening prarthana inside the temple. To see pics of Spiti Valley in Himachal Pradesh Click here

In Shella village whose school pic u saw earlier. Next to the RKM Mandir these girls stayed. Was tired and wanted tea so walked down to their home. They made lovely chai for me. Dish Antennas on terrace top indicate the deep reach of television. We spent some time chatting and seeing TV. They study at the RKM School, could speak English but not Hindi.

In Meghalaya the mother inherits property and boy moves to girls home post marriage. Carpentry unit at RKM Cherrapunjee. To see pics of Thrissur Puram festival Kerala Click here

Cherrapunjee is known for its rains and waterfalls. Best time to see waterfalls is July-Sept and I visited in December. U see Dain-Thlen Falls ie 5 kms away from Cherrapunjee town. To see pics of Chitrakoot Waterfalls in Bastar, Chhattisgarh Click here

Sunrise at Cherrapunjee. Surya Devata gives us light, energy, vitality and Vitamin D (good for your bones) etc. Surya provides this selfless service without expecting anything in return. To see pics of Martand Sun Temple Anantnag in Jammu and Kashmir Click here

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